Isara Ruby Code

Isara Ruby Code Ring Sling

Edita Umihanic, Croatia

Isara ring slings, woven wraps and other Isara baby carriers are made in beautiful country of Romania and, as you probably know, are among the most popular carriers in the world. Designed with comfort and sustainability in mind, Isara ring slings are fully made from organic cotton. This amazing cotton does a great job of wicking away moisture and heat in the warmer months, as well as giving softness and warmth during the colder months.
Isara ring sling is made of 100% organic cotton. Its soft, luxurious and airy jacquard weave provides an extremely comfortable and pleasant feeling to the baby, as well as to the parent. The ring sling itself is very strong and supportive, you can carry a bigger toddler as well as a newborn in an Isara ring sling, without any discomfort or feeling of heaviness. Beside the fact that Isara ring slings are strong and supportive, they are still extremely moldable and truly soft. They are also easy to maintain (wash up to 40°C with low spin and gentle cycle).
Isara ring sling is available in several beautiful colors and patterns, they come in one size and this size truly fits everyone. With 195 cm on the shortest side and 207 cm on the longest side, this ring sling is ideally sized and will fit all parents! Wearing your baby on your front or your hip never felt so comfortable as with Isara ring sling. The gathered shoulder is very comfortable, it fits nicely and it will follow parents body movements without any restrictions.
We can find Morse codes in this special and limited ”Code” Isara’s edition. Through this wonderful edition we can learn to discover a different way of conveying affection and endearing tenderness by using codes of six essential babywearing elements – Joy, Love, Happy, Together, One, Life. All of this elements are embedded in this stunning Isara’s Morse collection with a unique “language of love”.

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