Baobaby Strechy wrap

Baobaby Strechy wrap made of organic cotton

Edita Umihanic, Croatia

We had the opportunity to test Baobaby mint plain cotton strechy wrap and powder pink Babobaby strechy wrap made of organic cotton. Both are really great!
Baobaby wraps are really easy to tie and use, they stretch nicely and have great elasticity, so it is very easy to pull them and pull the baby out of the wrap without any hassle. These two wraps are almost identical, their material is beautiful and very soft at first touch, especially with the wrap made of organic Turkish cotton. The material is extremely stretchy, so wrap forms nicely around the parents and the baby. Both wraps are thin and breathable, they are one of the thinner cotton strechy wraps I have tried, but they still provide excellent and extremely satisfying support.
Because strechy wraps have to be rolled up in three layers, babies are usually warm in them and often sweat. But that’s not the case with Baobaby wraps. These wraps are really thin and comfortable, and are ideal type of carriers on warmer days. Their only lack is loosening of support when carrying larger babies. Namely, Baobaby wraps are declared for carrying babies up to 18 months, and we have tested them up to that age group where they still gave more than solid support. The problem is, as with other strechy wraps, that children at that age are already too strong and tough for the support of an strechy wrap to be sufficient. So, the age tested is certainly accurate, but it should be noted that strechy wraps are primarily intended for newborns and babies up to 9-12 months.
I tested both wraps on a professional newborn doll (3.5 kg), as well as on a larger baby 10.8 kg, and both wrpas were also given for testing to several mothers within our civil association whose babies weigh 6 to 9 kg. The conclusions were the same – these wraps are excellent and behave well when worn by newborns and smaller babies, possible sagging is felt only while carrying larger babies (10 <kg). The visible difference between the Baobaby wrap made of plain cotton and the Baobaby wrap made of organic cotton is felt only when wearing larger babies, where a slightly softer scarf made of organic Turkish cotton gives a little less support and behaves a little looser.
Some of the comments of our Moms from the association who tested Baobaby wraps: “Very, very comfortable wrap, as if the baby and I were one!” (Daria M.), “Feeling comfortable to wear, no tightening or load, the weight is even distributed ” (Klea L.), ” I used an strechy wrap with my older child, but Baobaby is a lighter and is very easy for wrapping and maintenance ” (Nera R.).
Baobaby strechy wraps are carriers that I consider a great choice to wear all year round, especially in Summer. They are easy to maintain (washing in the washing machine on program for color laundry, 40-60 C) and they take up very little space, and as such are a perfect choice for newborns and smaller babies. Another advantage of Baobaby wraps is their very affordable price, and there is also a whole range of beautiful colors for everyone’s tastes – navy blue, sky blue, powder pink, purple, red, mint, gray and black.

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