Edita Umihanic and NosiljkoRijeka

Lena’s traveling carriers support all babywearing libraries and babywearing consultants in our area and with all of them we have amazing collaboration and share mutual respect and the same goal and love for babywearing. That’s is why we want to introduce you also to one of Babywearing consultants and her Sling Library.

My name is Edita Umihanic and I am a 39 y.o. babywearing consultant born in Istria and currently living in Rijeka, Croatia. I am a professor of Literature and History, currently at home and enrolling for a PhD in Psychology. I have two amazing daughters and I started babywearing six years ago with my first daughter, mostly in SSC’s and Mei Thai’s, but I only discovered the beauty of woven wraps and ring slings with my younger daughter.

I am also the founder and president of a non-profit civil association ”nosiljkoRijeka” formed to support babywearing community, with a main cause of promoting and encouraging all interested current and future babywearing parents.

I am also an ambassador and promotor of several famous baby carrier brands. Babywearing isn’t just a side thing to me, it is a state of mind and a beautiful and unique way to bond with my children ❤
Babywearing consultant education: Basic Course – Die Trageschule, currently finishing Consultant Certificat – British School of Babywearing CIC.


”nosiljkoRijeka” is a non-profit babywearing civil association founded in May 2020, with over 30 baby carriers (all types of baby carriers) which are available for all of our members to try out or even rent for a longer period.

We also organize testings of all our donated carriers. Due to the current pandemic situation, ”nosiljkoRijeka” unfortunately does not organize live gatherings or live individual consultations, but we have recently started organizing online individual consultations and many online babywearing lectures, which has proven to be even more successful then expected. ”nosiljkoRijeka” wants to promote babywearing, consult and support babywearing parents and make babywearing mainstream everywhere! 🙂
Fcb page: https://www.facebook.com/nosiljkorijeka.hr/?view_public_for=100455364991787

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