Feather Handwoven Kiss a Dream

Feather Handwoven Kiss a Dream, 100% Mercerized cotton, hand dyed

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

This beautiful wrap knocked me off my feet. It came from a dream and looks like a dream. The most beautiful shades of blue and pink come together and make it a true work of art. The skillful hands of our Vesna Djinovic made the perfect texture of the weave. Its like a spring sunset somewhere over the rainbow in the land of a unicorns or in a magical castle with mild music and the scent of vanilla and lavender. Oh, what happens to me?🙈
Wrappies are 11 months 11 kg and 2.5 years and 14 kg. It easily slides layer by layer, and has a bit of a grip. Medium diagonal stretch and a little bounce. It’s moldable, full of texture and airy. So cushy. It doesn’t cut into the shoulders and easily carries heavy weight even in multi-hour walks. I am very satisfied, this wrap is wonderful. My recommendations for cooperation with Feather Handwoven💙

Mi Ve, Serbia

I even don’t know how to describe this beauty. I didn’t try so much wraps, but this one left an amazing impression on me.
First time I didn’t feel any back pain during carrying my baby, and I carry her more then two hours, she is 6 months and 6,5 kilos. This wrap really left me out of words! Design is beautiful, sky blue with pink on ends. You can see our photos to make complete picture about this wrap, because this pure happiness I can’t explain with words 💗
Thank you Vesna Djinovic( Feather Handwoven), you have gold hands, and of course thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity to try this lovely wrap!


Snežana Simić, Serbia

Feather handwoven – Kiss a Dream – size 4
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven I had a chance to try all cotton woven wrap. This is the first hand woven wrap I touched. It came in its original, well known bag with recognisable logo.
Great pink and blue gradation makes this wrap ideal for baby boys and baby girls. When I touched this wrap I understood why It was so praised. Very thin and soo soft, it carries my almost 10kgs baby perfectly. I tried several carries with it and it was like it took half of his weight. It didn’t dig anywhere and it carried beautifully. I enjoyed touching this wrap and carrying my baby in it. Thank you Vesna Djinovic and Lena’s traveling carriers on this chance to try this perfect wrap.


Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Feather Handwoven Kiss A Dream
Thanks to LPN and Feather HW I had a chance to try the second wrap weaved by our local weaver Vesna. On the opposite of the first wrap I tried, this one is a lot softer and has better wq.
I have been at the end of bw experience and I dont bw daily anymore. I applied to try this wrap because I think I need more HW experience in my ,,wraper carrier,,. This wrap reminds me of blue jeans,summer day and candies . It is great combo for both teams-blue and pink. I like fringes on this wrap. The length is ok without cothes, while for wrapping in this winter time, I would need a longer one. It is so thin , you dont have bulky material on your shoulders.
My wrapee is 30 mo girl who has 13kilos. I wrapped her once in DH and I liked what I got from this wrap. It is soft enough, supportive enough, wraps easily enough. Having in mind my heavy girl, I would need more cush on shoulders, but wrapers with younger and less heavy wrapees wouldnt have necessity for it. It has enogh grip and enough glide so it is really great choice for unexpeienced wrapers. It wraps nicely and holds everything in place.
Thanks again for opportunity!

Jelena Jovanović, Serbia


Feather handwoven Kiss a dream, size 4

This is my second time that I have had the chance to encounter with a wrap that came under Vesna Djinovic magic hands. It really is a Sleeping beauty’s dream, the colors, the airiness. Heavy in hand but at a same time so easy to work with, such a perfect grip and glide balance, I was blown away. I love the fringes, it really enhance the beauty of the wrap. Perfect wrap in any way, I’m so happy I had a chance to try out a handwoven one. My baby is 14,5 months old and about 9 kg and I really didn’t feel her weight. Thank you so very much, Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven, for this opportunity.

Dragana Gajic, Serbia

Feather Handwoven Kiss a Dream 4
I want to thank Lena’s traveling carriers and Feather Handwoven for the opportunity to test the wrap. The wrap is very colorful. The colors are very soft and unisex. In use, it was very montable, firm and light in the hand. Lovely to big and small, and my shoulders didn’t complain either. My girls have almost 5y, 17 kg and 1,5y and 9,5 kg.

Ivana Zebeljan Grahovac, Serbia

First of all, I apologize for late review. This is a first handwoven wrap that I tried and I was delighted. It was soft as a butter, and I never tried thinner wrap before. My baby was about 8kg in the moment of testing. The most beautiful shades of blue and pink reminded me on summer days and sea and I always wanted to have wrap with fringes and now I want it more. It wraps easily and glides perfectly but when it’s tighten it stays on place. One more thing was important for me – how thin this wrap is on shoulders, especially in rucksack carry and still it is pleasant for my baby weight. I needed only few more inches in length to be comfortable during walks in FWCC, but thanks’ to fringes. During this few days we enjoyed in this perfection made by skillful hands of our Vesna Djinovic. Thank you Vesna and LPN for this opportunity.

Ivana Popovic, Serbia

OMG 😍 Oh my God!! I haven’t tried so many wraps, but this one left an incredible impression on me. It is so soft
it really left me speechless! The design is beautiful, sky blue with pink ends. My little girl was 9 months and over 9 kilograms at the time when Feather Handwoven Kiss a Dream was with us on the test. Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven

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Ivana Stanojevic Mihajlović, Serbia

It was such a pleasure to test this handwoven wrap by Vesna Djinovic. It’s so gentle, airy and soft. The colors are mesmerizing. My son is 2 years old, weights about 13-14kg and carring him was a breeze. It’s extremly easy to tighten it, you can do it literally with two fingers. Bravo Vesna! Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven, this wrap radiates so much love!

Marija Toković, Serbia

Just when I definitely decided to give up wearing baby in a wrap and stick to a carrier, because even after 5 months of trying I didn’t learn how to tighten a wrap nicely or make a fwcc, she arrived! At the right time, the right one. Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and Feather Handwoven for giving me this opportunity. 💞 The wrap is simply perfect, soft and holds the baby (8m, 9kg) perfectly, easy to handle, comfortable on the shoulders. It is beautifully woven and even more beautiful colors. Now I just wish she was mine.

Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

Feather handwowen “Kiss a dream” 100%mercerized cotton sz 4
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had the opportunity to test one more masterpiece created by Feather Handwoven and I really loved it. Even though I thought it is short for me, my almost 2 years old boy and me enjoyed wearing it. The wrap is beautiful, soft like a cloud, and at the same time strong enough to hold a toddler. I would gladly recommend it to everyone.

Milica Dujakovic, Serbia

Feather handwoven Kiss a dream size 4, 100% mercerized cotton
Just as I expected, perfect👌🏻👌🏻
Light and thin enough, easy to wrap, firm enough, glides and holds perfectly, soft, beautiful, great for back carrying in a ruck, dh, fwcc tied under bum and fcc also great. Handwoven wraps are just from other dimension.
The baby tester is 1 year old and around 8,5kg. My base size is 6.
Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven for this wonderful experience 💙💙💙

Marina Krstić, Serbia

This is an unbelievably beautiful scarf. When I first saw this wrap, it reminded me of a wonderful fairy tale about Sleeping Beauty and the moment when good fairies can’t agree on whether Aurora’s dress should be pink or blue. Wonderful shades of blue and pink are woven into the wrap, which change in an attempt to overcome the other color, and at the same time complement each other in their beauty.
As this is a hand-woven wrap, you can feel how much love and dedication is woven into it. The wrap is very soft, and also very firm, so it was very pleasant to carry a baby of 8.5 months and 8 kg. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the beauty of this scarf enough because I have problems with excess weight from the second pregnancy, and then this wrap was short for most of the carrying stiles I use. However, I am very glad that I applied to test this wrap and was able to get to know the work of the wonderful Vesna Djinovic behind the Feather Handwoven brand. I am also very grateful to the Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) group that allows us to test various wraps and meet new brands.

Vesna Obradovic, Serbia

Everything that is hand made has its own beauty, but when it comes to wraps, then it is truly something else. You can just feel the the attention, the will and love weft into it, with every fiber. This one is beautiful, so soft, so perfect, I didn’t feel the weight of the baby at all. The colors are amazing, so pretty and unique 🥰
What ever I could say about this wrap, would losse the meaning, cause it’s perfect👌, pure love.
All I could say, I enjoyed, baby too. Thank you, Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven ,it was such a pleasure and dream come true.🥰

Leja Stojiljković Mitrović, Serbia

Feather handwoven, Kiss a dream .
This wrap is pure perfection. It’s name says all, it is not a wrap, it is a dream came true. The color is one of my favorite and it is hard to describe and picture. It’s softness and strength are indisputable. Easy for wrapping, moldable and easy for tightening a knot. I simple love the fringes. Trying it was a privilege and I wish to thank Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven for that opportunity. #lenastravelingcarriers #FeatherHandwoven #LTCtester

Adnana Hodžić, Serbia

It was my first time to try hand woven wrap, and I’m delighted 😍. It is a beautiful for eyes and for skin -fantastic combination of colours, soft enough, airy, and at same time strong enough to hold 8 months and around 9,5 kg weight baby. This one will be always special for me, because I have had first workshop about back carry with it,and it was wonderful experience, so encouraging. Thank you so much for this opportunity Lena’s traveling carriers and Feather Handwoven ❤️ it was a big pleasure for me and my baby.


Aleksandra Leontijević Lazić, Serbia

I’ve longed to test a hand-woven wrap since I began my bw adventure, so Kiss a dream was the first one that I’ve tried. Apart from being super gorgeous live, this wrap amazed me with its wq. It is extremely soft and moldable, thin yet so strong and forgiving. It has a lot of grip, so even my humble wrapping abilities made the wrap job stay in place for more than an hour. By 9mo (7.5 kg) and I tried dh and fwcc tub, and both of the carries were easy to do. It has been a true privilege, so thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Feather Handwoven for this amazing opportunity.

Tamara Miskeljin, Serbia

Kiss a dream is such a wonderful, gorgeous wrap… So light, like a feather, beautiful pastel colors, so easy to maneuver with… Woven to perfection, it is resistive and grippy, so even the sloppiest wrap jobs stay in place.
I think words cannot describe enough how much I liked it. So if someone is willing to buy me something exclusive for my birthday…Feather hw wrap would be on top of my wishlist! 😉💐
Baby boy is 10 months old, and around 10kg, didn’t complain being wrapped even on this summer weather!
Many thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and Feather Handwoven for this joy!

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