Nona Imagine Wisteria Lane

Nona Imagine Wisteria Lane, size 7, 100% cotton, 280gsm

Minea Bašić Palković, Serbia

I had the opportunity to test a Nona Imagine Wisteria Lane in size 7 wrap thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Nona wraps. For me, It was interesting to roll it, I felt the length only at the beginning of rolling, no more when tightening and tying, although my son is small in size with clothes number 80 and a weight of about 9 kg. It is 100% cotton, a little rougher and stiffer wrap, but it can still be tied nicely, the wearer does not itch. It should be break, so I would recommend it to more experienced parents and / or for heavier babies. I’d love to have it in my stash, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a baby’s first wrap.

Marija, Serbia

We tested Nona Imagine Wisteria Lane, size 7. My son is 9 months old, weighing 11kg. This is the first woven wrap we have ever tried, therefore, I can’t make a comparison with other wraps of this type. Although it was hard to get along with this wrap at first, I enjoyed it because it provides a feeling of incredible closeness and there are countless ways to wrap the baby and play with ties. It wasn’t easy for me to adjust and tighten everything, due to my lack of experience, and I don’t think it’s good for beginners. The biggest advantage is that no matter how I tightened and adjusted, I didn’t feel any pressure on my shoulders. The design is subtle and delightful. I’m really thankful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)for this opportunity and I’ll always remeber our first time in woven wrap.

Milica Dujakovic, Serbia

Me testing again, it’s become sort of a thing I do every week, test different wraps, carriers and slings, thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) (for getting hooked on this 😁). I already have a Nona wrap, the famous red butterflies, but to be honest I haven’t really been breaking it. I hung it in my older kids’ room as a swing, to break it and to swing too. Sometimes I watch “This is us” on the desktop while the ~2 of us~ swing in a Nona 📺
perfect times if you ask me 🙂
For testing I received 💜 Imagine+
I like the pattern, but I like most of Nona’s designs. They are budget friendly and most people can afford them which I think is great. This one was a bit too long for us and not broken enough. My older boys pulled it through rings but it needs a lot more work. It is actually a great exercise for muscles and building strength 💪🏻💪🏻
All that said, it is not the best option to start learning to wrap, although it is not impossible of course. Once you put it on there is no leg straightener that can unravel it so it’s perfect for little gymnasts/boxers. It has a good grip, doesn’t move much and it’s not heavy on the shoulders. Baby tester is almost 9m and around 8kg.
#lenastravelingcarriers #nonawrapsltc

Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

What woud I say about this beautiful but unbreakable wrap😅? It is firm and needs a lot more love and breaking, but it is actually ok for bigger babys and toddlers. The knot doesn’t move even when my boy was jumping and doing gymnastics on my back, and the lenght is enough for trying a lot of different finishes. Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the opportunity to try this beautiful purple Nona vrap.

Andrijana Berisavljević, Serbia

And we finally got the chance to try out the famous Nona. Beside lovely color and even nicer smell (thanks to previous moms), Nona wasn’t so hard to wrap. After trying few much softer wraps one can feel the difference, but it’s still nice wrap. For my taste size 7 was too long, even for FWCC. If it was 5, it would be ideal, cause it’s sturdy and strong.
Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and mom who gave me the opportunity to try #nonawrapltc. It’s a nice wrap, hope you will enjoy it. 😊

Ivona Zakić, Serbia

Thank’s to Lena’s traveling carriers i had a chance to try for the first time woven wrap. It was realy adventure for me. Tha wrap was too long for me, because i am begginer so i had hard time with her but my baby enjoyed it very much. The filling is realy nice, everything felt secure and comfortable. Thank you for this chance.

Ruža Jovanov, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carierrs we had the opportunity to test the Nona Imagine Wisteria Lane in size 7 wrap. As a beginner, it was a little harder for me to cope with the length of the wrap, but there is room to play with different finishes, so I would recommend it to someone more experienced. We definitely enjoyed it and I have a wonderful feeling of being tucked in with a baby who was 9 months and 10+ kg at the time of carrying. The color is beautiful in person. My favorite.💜

Dijana Jevremov, Serbia

We had the pleasure to try out this wrap. Wrap was our gest for five days. It is new, and it was not used before, so it was not easy, but we made it to handle. I believe that in month from now it will be someones favorite. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #nonawrapsltc for this experience, we enjoyed wearing it.

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