Ergobaby Original Carrier

Ergobaby Original

Isidora Ivanovic, Serbia

The carrier has arrived. Lovely, soft, easy to adjust, comfortable. I like it because it needs two quick moves to place it. Baby is enjoying, but because there is no reinforcement on the back where the buckles are, my back starts to be painful after longer walks. I will try to make something like “Lumbal support” for that part to avoid backpain. For babywearing around the house is perfect.

Aleksandra Ilić, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) the baby and I had the chance to host the Ergobaby Original carrier. We used it maximally, babywearing several times a day even. My baby is now 19months old and has around 14kg and 92cm and we used to carry in the Love and Carry Dlight but we outgrew it and passed it along. I must say that when it comes to the baby, this carrier fit him perfectly and he loved it. What I was interested the most was the comfortability of the shoulder straps.
So let’s start…
Putting the baby in the carrier is simple even for us with a limited experience. I has some struggles with the waist belt until I realized I should put it higher on my back. The carrier we used has crossed straps, so carrying on my back was not successful for me with L&C. With Ergo, the shoulder straps are parallel, so it is easier. We only used it for back carries several times though, as the baby did not like the position.
The shoulder straps on Ergo are thick and comfortable, I did not feel any type of discomfort. The belt is a bit firmer, but it worked perfectly for me. Ergo was with us since tje end of January and now it is time for some other baby to enjoy it. Thank you LPN for everything you do and for the opportunity for us that can not afford a carrier, to carry our babies.

Marijana Djordjevic, Serbia

We do babywearing and enjoying it! Carrier is beautiful and easy to put on. Baby is 10 kilos, but I do not feel it at all, thanks to the carrier. Also, baby likes that her hands are free and loves to be worn. Thanks for existing of this group! 🙂

Neda Šerfovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke we got the opportunity to try the Ergobaby carrier and we are really thrilled. The baby enjoys wearing it is comfortable and easy to adjust. The straps are comfortable and I have no back problems while carrying the baby.All recommendations for this carrier she’s really great.💚

Aleksandra Čalija, Serbia

My baby was 6 monts old, 10 kg, 73 cm when we started to use ergobaby original.
First impression was very good, and the same was latter. This carrier is very comfortable and easy wearing for me, the shoulder straps and the waist belt are padded and all straps are adjustable for maximum comfort. I carried my baby three ours in the ergo one day and I felt greate! No pain in my back!
The baby is satisfied too, I can see that. This carrier supports the natural posture for baby wich is sitting with hips spread apart. Baby looks around in very good mood while carrying and slept very well a lot of time in the carrier . I can seat when I have a carrier with the baby and that’s good too.
My baby it’s in period about the growth of teeth, a little nervous, and carrying helps us a lot ❤️#lenastravelingcarriers

Nena Glišic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke we are using Ergobaby black camel original at least once a day. I love it because it is comfortable for me and baby (8 months, 6700g, 67cm) and we are able to stay outdoors so mush it feels like I am not even caring my baby. It’s so easy to put my baby in carrier whil I am doing housework. When I am having a hard time getting baby to sleep I just put him in the Ergo and he will be sleeping out in few minutes. Also I like the cotton material because it is suitable for my baby with diagnozed atopic dermatitis. I hope that I soon will try to carry in the back position my older child 🍒(2.5 years, 11 kg, 92cm) #lenastravelingcarriers ❤️👍

Violeta Urošević, Serbia

Thanks to #LPN #lenineputujućenosiljke , we have the opportunity to use and enjoy brown Ergobaby Original. My baby boy is nearly seven months old and weighs around 8.5kg. I am thin woman therefore to handle his weight was always a hard mission for my hands. He always loved to be carried around in hands, enjoying views of people, house, yard, animals, everything surrounding him, real little explorer. Little did he wanted to be calm laying on the bed, or playing with something in his hands. That was really exhausting to me, and consuming. Therefore I definitely wanted and needed to carry him in a carrier. I’m so happy that Ergobaby is our first SSC carrier we have experience with. It is very, very comfortable, both for mother and for baby. Made of organic cotton, it is really soft and enjoyable on touch. Shoulder straps are wide and soft, so they cause no discomfort, and give support while carrying. They are really easily adjustable. Back strap is movable at height so once you set it right to fit your build, you can always reach it with ease and easily adjust lenght. Waistbelt is firmly padded and easily adjustable. Panel is wide and gives good support to the babys back, providing good posture and position of the hips. It is really easy and fast to put baby into it, and it makes our lifes so much easier. I can use both my hands do to something while I’m carrying my baby and that’s lifechanging. My baby boy loves being snuggled into it so he always falls asleep with ease while being carried around. He loves our walks, and I also enjoy them more now. For now I carry him only at front – parent facing, but I’m looking forward to him being able to be carried on the back, I think it’s going to be more fun to him! We enjoy carrying in Ergobaby and would definitely recommend it to every parent! #lenastravelingcarriers

Andjela Zivanovic, Serbia

Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy this carrier. My baby is currently 10 months old and between 9 and 10kg. We usually carry ourselves in an ergo carrier in the morning or in the evening when we go for a walk. She prefers to deal with her dad in Ergo. Ergo is our first baby carrier. It was a little weird at first until we figured out which button was going, but we soon mastered it all. Dad prefers ergo because he feels safer to carry the baby. We continue to carry on ❤️😁


Jelena Conic, Serbia

Thanks to #LPN #lenastravelingcarriers #lenineputujućenosiljke we had an opportunity to try this carrier. My girl is 20 months old, weights around 11kg and this was our second carrier. We have a woven wrap that we bought for our little baby boy, so my husband and I wanted to carry both of our childs and go for a walks in nature. It was very easy to adjust it and so comfortable. I didn’t felt her weight at all. Unfortunately, my baby girl didn’t want to be carried, so every time we tried to go out, she wanted to go down and walk. Our dad also tried it and he liked it a lot because it didn’t felt “girly” like our woven wrap 🙂

Anamarija Radojevic, Serbia

So, its our first carriers of this type. Perfect. Everything about it. Baby is 11 months and 8kg and I don’t fe her weight at all. It’s so easy to put on. We both love back carry the most. We clicked from the very first try. Every time I put baby in she immediately fell asleep 😊
We are carrying because of fun, while I’m doing house jobs, while we’re outside for walk. It’s just everything in one. Helpfull and joyfull. We are so satisfied and greatfull. Thank you LTC ❤

Marija Mrkic, Serbia

This carrier was with us since mid July. I have been carrying a baby of 8 months and 10kg, and my older girl occasionally, who is 2 years old and has 13kg. The carrier is really comfortable and easy to adjust. Both of them love to be carried, though for me, as I am petite, it is a problem to carry my older girl for longer periods of time. My back hurts in those cases after some time. I carry the baby on the front and no issues there. The baby is free to move in this carrier opposed to the Hug bug wrap we used before, that has to be very tight so she did not want to spend to much time in it, while in this carrier she can stay as long as I want. The carrier is easy to adjust, I even practiced back carries with my older girl, while I did not put the baby in any other position other than on the front, as that works best for her at this time.

Bojana Miljevic Karanovic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN and Marijana Mojsilovic we tried this Ergobaby (black woth stars) and we did not manage it right. I could not buckle it on my own, someone would always need to help, whether it is dad, a neighbor, was very tricky when it comes to carrying on the front. We tried the back carry once. During longer walks my back would hurt, not because of the baby’s weight (she is 7,5kg and 70cm, 10 months), but because she would constantly nag the carrying as she is a very active baby, she wants to walk. We are therefore passing it along before our rental period expired.

Srđan Trivkovic, Serbia

Thanks to the group we have been enjoying the beautiful Ergobaby (black with stars). My son is 17monts, has 11kg and loves to be carried. It helps us most on our way to daycare and back, as I then have free hands for my girl, backpacks and 101 toy. It kinda feels we are outgrowing it and that some other mom will be able to enjoy it soon. Thanks Ergobaby and LPN.

Željka Krunic, Serbia

Since the end of December, we have been hosting thr Ergobaby Original, in brown color. Sonja celebrated her first birthday in January. She is ina walking phase but still likes to ve carried. This carrier fits us perfectly, she enjoys it and I can get some chores done. The belt is a bit firmer, which is ok for me, the shoulder straps are thick and soft, but I constantly have the fealling that it slips from my shoulder (maybe because I am short or the fact that I have a lower left shoulder). Sometimes we use back carries, but do not go to longer walks due to my insecurity. I still do not have the courage to try it with my older girl of 13kg, but we still have time.

Trnsimage Platform, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) the blue Ergo was with us since the end of November. We used it a couple of times at hime as it was cold, but all in all the carrier is for outside carries and we use it every time we have the chance and the air is unpolluted. Thus winter type of carries can be a bit tricky due to all different type of clothes and layers. So dad has to help a bit so we can adjust the carrier nicely, and on those occasions the baby always falls asleep in the carrier.

Neda Šerfovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had the chance to try Ergobaby carrier and we loved it. Baby enjoys being carried and the carrier is easy to adjust. Shoulder straps are comfortable and I do not have the problem with my back while I carry my baby opposed to the previous carrier we tried (Cybex). All recommendations for this carrier, it is really great.

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