Emeibaby baby size carrier

From newborn to toddler, 100% organic cotton

Nina Bukvić, Serbia

Dear LTC and Grli Mama thank you for opportunity to try out this fenomenal carrier. My baby is one year old and 10.5kg. First, carrier is so beautiful, soft and light and in perfect color olive green which is one of my favorite colors. But a designs or this brand are beautiful and interesting. This carries is unique hot to adjust it and on first sight it can look complicated, so I recommend first to watch YouTube tutorial. The one which helped me the most is https://emeibaby.com/en/tutorials.html.

One way to set up carrier is for babies till 5months old and other for bigger/older babies. First thing on adjustments I really liked is that belt is buckled behind back and not on side, which I find extremely easier for unbuckling, especially if you want to make a transfer of sleepy baby and adjusting while walking it is much easier. Secondly, strap across back which holds strap over shoulders you can easily adjust as you pleased as it is not fixed so it can be perfectly adjusted for a sweet spot. Regarding shoulder straps and waist belt this is one of the most comfortable carriers I ever tried. Belt is perfect. Based on manual belt is going lower as baby grows and I was thinking at first if will not suits me as I don’t like wearing on my hips, but surprisingly belt is perfect fit whereever you put it. It is not firm as for example at Tula carrier and not soft as Fiddela or Diva Milano, it is just perfect in between. Also straps are filled as it should and for me again really comfortable. As this is baby size I think for us possible better fit will be already toddler size. I think baby is a bit lower in panel hight for my baby, but otherwise it is just perfect carrier. I have just recently heard about this brand if I new about it earlier for sure it will be my first choice. But still it has time 🙂 Once again thank you LTC and Grli Mama for allowing us to try it and all my recommendations for it. #lenastravelingcarriers #grli_mama #testinginserbia #emeibaby #emeibabytesting #emeibabyinserbia

Ivana Batar Mijatovic, Serbia

I have been really excited to test this carrier as it was among my narrow choices for a first buy. In a mean time I gain 20kg and everything what comes to my hand cause frustration. For example, trying to buckle back strap I was constantly making a mess of baby seat somehow and also I could managed to reach on my own with every trick I new. With a help of husband wearing a baby in this carrier was comfortable. Nothing was bothering me, straps think as it should be. I think this carrier is probably berger choice for a bit thinner mums. My son is 15month and 11kg and around 85cm, Myself 170cm and 85kg.

Nina Dakovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Grli Mama I had an opportunity to try Emeibaby carrier. 🙂
This was my first carrier ever so I’m not sure what I had to pay attention to :/ Since I tried it for the first time it was a bit difficult to me to realize how to adjust it. But after 4 days of usage I got used to it and it was easier. My baby is 3 1/2 months and 7kg so we carried only in front. Emeibaby is the light and the soft carrier. The panel is very easy to adjust to fit perfectly around baby’s body due to a fabric that resemble a wrap. The panel is kind of high so I didn’t need to use a hood to support the head. I used it only when she was asleep but it was difficult to me to adjust it – to buckle it to the shoulder straps, the button was a bit far away. The shoulder straps are wide enough and comfortable. I didn’t feel baby’s weight on my shoulders at all but I did on my lower back though since the waistbelt was placed just around my lumbar part of the back. Half an hour of carring was just fine but I like to walk for more than an hour. 😀 I just want to emphasize that I am new in this and that I might didn’t place the carrier in the right position which influenced pain in my back. Moreover, I have problems with my back in general so it doesn’t have to be due to the carrier. But all in all I am satisfied with Emeibaby carrier and thanks one more time for the opportunity to try it 🙂

Jelena Ristic Ex Stojanovic, Serbia

Thanks to #grli_mama and #lenastravelingcarriers, we had chance to try this amazing carrier Emei baby. At first I had small difficulties in adjusting, but with help from Isidora Kosić we managed to adjust everything. When I learned how to adjust it, I was in love with it. It is so cozy, not to thick, my baby loved being carried in this carrier. So far this is my first choice from SSC.

Svetlana Živanović, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #grlimama we rented this carrier. It is very simple to use it. Also this is very comfortable carrier. I would recommend it. My baby is around 12kg and 1,5year old. I am not sure about heigh, but he wears cloth size is 92. I think that he is ready for some toddler carrier, this is small.

Jovana Pavlović, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we have had Emeibaby carriers for a few months. My baby is 11 months old and has 13kgs. This carrier is perfect-comfortable,baby feels weigthless, it is easy adjustable, you have feeling of woven wrap. But, due to my pregnancy, I must choose something without waist belt. I hope some other mum will enjoy it as much as I did.❤️

Mira Jovanovic, Serbia

Ok, Emeibaby has been ours for two weeks now, just enough to get first impression about this carrier. For a long time, I was thinking of which carrier to rent so I studied and read almost all the reviews about available carriers and some wraps and emei seemed to be one of the most comfortable, which is normally the most important thing when we carry our love little one.
All I can say for now, is that I am absolutly in love 😍
I love all about this carrier! The material is soft, lightweight and simply molds to the body of mom and baby. Easy to use, after you adjust shoulder straps and belt acording to your body and baby itsself.
Most importantly my kid likes it and enjoys when I carry him.
Anyway, my child is a tiny boy of one and a half year, born prematurely with only 750 grams at birth. He is now around 8 kg and I have carried him in an elastic wrap so far so emeibaby is our first carrier.
I love wraps and that softness and naturalness that the wraps provides, there is no plastic, you just wrap, tuck in and carry, but this time I wanted soo much to try a carrier too. For emeibaby, I knew it’s a mix of a carrier and a wrap, so maybe that was the judgment. This is exactly what I see as her advantage! It has the safety and firmness of the carrier and the ease positioning of the baby and also the softness of the wrap. 👌
I have no experience with other carriers so I can’t compare it, pick some flaws maybe, but during this time it seems like I’ve made the right decision with #emeibaby 😍.
Thank’s #lenastravelingcarriers and #grlimama for allowing us to enjoy this cozy beauty😙❤️

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Sneguljica Jo
Well,let’s start. Firstly, we started babywearing relatively late (14 months old baby) so we didn’t have any experience with buckles, a couple of months earlier we were using mei tai type of carrier. First time with this carrier,I was so confused seeing so many buckles and I thought to myself: “How will I ever set this up?”🤨 Baby tester is 16 months old and 12 kg. To be honest,we didn’t succeed in setting it upfront, because in winter it’s either two layers of jackets, which probably made it harder to buckle it on the shoulders,or my arms are too short for this.🙃 when I had help in adjustment, it was the most comfortable way to carry. Adjustment on my back was so much easier, cause I had better “cooperation” with the baby and it was easier for me to maneuver with the shoulder straps. Main problem was the transverse part that goes under the bum,because it’s so much harder to keep one hand on the hyperactive baby and making it work with the other. Probably because we never used a RS before so we didn’t make it happen with that part of the carrier. As for the commodity, back and front carry are so comfortable both cause of the strong and soft shoulder straps, that give you such a beautiful sense of easiness, nothing is grasped, nothing is squeezed, nothing is cut-in like in previously mentioned MT. If we had a chance again to wear an emeibaby, I trust we would do better than the first time. I will remember this carrier as a beautiful experience that lasted for 5 test days. Thank you for the opportunity to bond even more with my baby,cause before he didn’t like to be carried, cradled and cuddled. Now he just get his hands up in the air and his eyes just say “carry,mommy”.💖 I reccomend #emeibabycarrier and thank you once again for this magical group #lenineputujucenosiljke😊👩‍👦💞

Tijana Pribakovic, Serbia

Tijana Pribaković I tried a carrier with an 8 months old baby and 2,5 years old child. On the first touch,waistband didn’t feel delightful,but its actually very comfortable. Sistem for regulating a panel size can be really annoyous when you carry two kids. Shoulder straps are optimally stuffed and wide enough, very well made. However,they keep sliding of my shoulders even though the sideways strap,which holds them but is too long, was tight to the maximum,but did not hold and made me tense, and with my husband the strap slided away easily and let loose. Belt buckle felt somehow too plasticky, which I didn’t like. From 1 to 5, I give it a 3.

Nataša Bogićevic, Serbia

Nataša Bogićević
I’ve sent the carrier away so to summarize the impressions. The carrier is soft,interesting,different. I carried my baby only upfront (ah, the baby will start walking long before I learn how to backcarry!) so I didn’t use all the benefits from this carrier. I have set it up in an instant but it was really hard to take it off. Maybe I’m out of practice ( I own a Ruckelly so I’m used to buckle up at front). Mainly, the strap was hard to reach and I had troubles to unbuckle it ( and since it’s a brand new carrier,maybe it’s not “slippery” enough yet). Baby is 9+ months old, 11 + kg, 75 cm so it was (wearing a jacket) comfier for him to put the arms over the panel. Otherwise , I couldn’t set up the panel during the carrying. I wanna accent the importance of correctly setting up the sideway strap: if it’s not set up correctly,after 10 minutes my shoulders felt like falling off. A couple of times after, when set up in the middle of the shoulder blades,I didn’t even feel the weight.

In the end, much gratitude to Ana, her whole team and especially #Grlimama and Isidora.

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama, we had the honour to try out Emeibaby carrier. Baby is 9 months old and about 9kg weight. The carrier is so pretty,soft. Waist belt is firm so it doesn’t break, but it kinda didn’t suit me cause of a little tummy that’s left after 2 pregnancies. My impression is that it suit better with skinnier mommies. The shoulder straps carried baby just fine,so mom didn’t feel the weight. The least that I liked is the sideways strap,that holds the shoulder straps. I was so close being able to buckle it on my own. So daddy had to come to the rescue everytime. We didn’t have that kind of problems with unbuckle and backcarry. This motivated me to start yoga, pilates and such so I can stretch out my muscles. 😂 All in all, one really so quality carrier,that didn’t suit me cause of my short arms.😃😃😃 Thanks a lot #emeibabycarrier and #lenineputujucenosiljke for this unique experience. ❤️

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

Vesna Djinovic
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama, we had a chance to try out this beautiful carrier. When it came,the first impression was that it’s so beautifully soft. Since the setting up is a bit different than the usual ones, I did a little research and we succeeded the first time trying. I recommend that you first see the videos for setting up, and then try out to put the baby in.🙂 the big surprise was that I didn’t feel my 14,5 months and 14 kg baby’s weight on my shoulders, cause the straps are so nicely stuffed, soft and not too big. Waist belt held phenomenally. It didn’t squeeze or bother me at all. With one word,this carrier is incredibly COMFORTABLE! It’s easy to set up and its comfortable almost like I was wearing my baby in a wrap. We enjoyed. I would gladly recommend this carrier since I believe it is as comfortable for smaller babies as for bigger ones. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try out this great carrier. 💚💚💚

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

Miljana Šabli
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama, we had an opportunity to try out this unusual carrier.😁 When I saw it the first time, as soon as it came in, i thought to myself,will i be able to set it up correctly, cause i have never tried this type of carriers till now. But,with little handling the rings that you set up the panel with and that was it. Baby is 18 months and around 10,5kg. We did front and back carry. It was so much comfier on my back then upfront, maybe the reason was that I’m not used to front carrying or he is too big for that,I don’t know. All in all,we enjoyed completely. 😍 Thanks LTC and #grlimama for this testing opportunity.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

Sanja Putnik
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama we too had an opportunity to test this great carrier. It’s of beautiful color, shoulder straps very comfortable and soft, waist belt just right for me. The only thing is that one of the shoulder straps kept falling of,although the sideways belt was tightened to the maximum. The tester exactly one year old, and 10,5 kg. I haven’t felt his weight although the shoulder strap kept sliding of all the time. I strongly recommend this carrier.

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović, Serbia

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović
We waited patiently for this beauty to come to the testing. And when it did,we were all thrilled. The color is beautiful, and a carrier nicely soft and as you could say used🙂 I’ll admit I prepared watching videos with instructions, we have experience with carriers but first time with a hybrid model. After studying instructions, we set up easily and quickly. 8,5 months and 8 kilos kid as light as a feather. He was thrilled with hoodie buckles and with chewing parts too 👶😂 while he was interested in his fingers I set up shoulder straps easily and we were ready to go. A short walk around the quart was really an enjoyment. I really liked that the belt buckle is right in the middle, so buckling is easy,at least for me. A big thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama for this beautiful experience.

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

Jovana Aradski
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama for an opportunity to test this carrier. We don’t babywear often so regarding that,I expected to be hard for me. But I was so surprised by the light material and comfort of this carrier. A 2 year old boy, around 12-13 kg 🧒 and mommy(me😸) weighting around 69kg and in height 178cm 😊 we enjoyed long walks and nice weather and even went to the child care wearing #emeibaby😊 I particularly liked the green color but most of all I liked the comfort of waist belt and shoulder straps. It’s really interesting hybrid between carrier and a sling but we used it only as a carrier. The panel was a little short for us but regardless, the carrier is still comfortable. I didn’t feel any weight.

Ivana Ilić, Serbia

Ивана Илић
Thanks Grli Mama and thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for an opportunity to test this so comfortable and so unusual carrier! When it came,I thought to myself: man,i need a construction manual for this thing🤣 but all in all the carrier is more then simple,just not the same setting up as the rest of them.💚 soft,firm, waist belt pure perfecion( the best I have tried like ever!), shoulder straps comfortable. This carrier is one beautiful,surprising perfection! And in reality if there will be a third baby,it will be on top of the list for baby’s first shopping 😂

Jasmina Marinkovic, Serbia

Jasmina Marinković
We, too, have tested Emeibaby carrier which is a hybrid between a carrier and a wrap, and we loved it a lot. Baby is 9 months old and around 10kg, the weight I didn’t feel at all in this carrier. Unusual one but very comfortable, pretty and soft. I easily set it up in second try, after watching some tutorials, first time we didn’t succeed. After that we did it fast, the material glides through rings nicely and I didn’t have troubles to buckle up the back string,but after the tutorial. I liked that it’s light, the belt was just as it should be, firm and comfortable, as are the shoulder straps, that I tightened and realised as needed. It wasn’t that hot in it. All in all, beautiful and comfortable carrier. Sadly,we didn’t have much photos cause I, somehow, managed to delete all the pics from my phone 🙈 but we enjoyed the carrier all 6 days it stayed with us. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Grli Mama, for the opportunity to try out this interesting carrier 😊

Anamarija Jagodić, Serbia

Anamarija Jagodic
Tester 20 months old and 11 kg, very demanding and very little likes to be carried. Whatever I wish to carry him,he is heavy and I can’t set him up so it suits me. Thanks to Grli Mama and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers), we could test #emeibabycarrier. It suits perfect on the one who carry as on the one who is carried, the legs set up with no trouble in the M position and the spine and pelvic in C. It’s of fine and soft material and nice color. Material is strong but still soft and airy. It hold 11 kg heavy tester that wiggles all over ( tester demolished mom’s phone, we currently don’t have any photos, if we retrieve any we will put them for sure)😘😘😘

Milica Alterov Pajic, Serbia

Milica Alterov Pajić
Considering it was our first encounter with a buckle carrier, we were pleasantly surprised 😊 Emeibaby 💚 carrier that was extremely comfortable for us, regarding shoulder straps, and a belt too. It distributes the weight of the baby(12kg) nicely, so its comfortable on the back too. The set up went smoothly, only at first I was puzzled by the rings but discovered their purpose quickly. The straps set up easy and quickly and we didn’t experience the problem with their release. Thank you Grli Mama and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for an opportunity to try out this so comfy and unusual carrier,❤💚💕

Ana Milovanović, Serbia

Ana Milovanović
I expected to regret not buying this carrier,it was one of top choices earlier this winter,but it didn’t happen. Material is soft,the color is nice green one. The panel I set up relatively easy,but the shoulder straps were giving me trouble. It seems like they are too short. Someone said it before me,and I’d agree,its not for bigger moms or dads. The second thing I didn’t like is the panel height, it’s in the middle of the shoulders of my baby and he is only 6 months and 71cm in height.

In the end,Emeibaby was comfortable carrier although shoulder straps didn’t work for me.

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