DracoMom Carriers (Ex ZMajčice) toddler onbuhimo

Ivana Stanojevic Mihajlović, Serbia

I was very impatient to try this onbu. The mums said all the best about carriers made by DracoMum Carriers, so I had really high expectations. And yes, all is true. The design is remarkably interesting to me and it is unisex. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and adjustable. The panel is not adjustable, though. My baby is 19 months old and he is about 13 kg in weight. He wears 86-92 size clothing and it is a good fit for him. I really have only recommendations for this onbu, I do not have any complains. I would like to highlight that it is amazingly comfortable, more than some other brands that I have had a chance to try. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice for this opportunity, we have really enjoyed it!

Bojana Stanić, Serbia

I had a chance to test this onbu toddler carrier made by DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice for a few days, and I can’t hide how much I liked it. I’ve tried onbu carrier before from other brand and it didn’t fit me like this one did. I tested it with my daughter who is now almost 4yo, about 110cm in height and has about 40 pounds, and still it was comfortable for me to carry such a big child. The child’s weight is nicely distributed and there is no pressure on the shoulders. My child likes to be carried because she is one of those children who does not stop all day long. She plays and runs as long as she can and when she stops, she can’t move anymore, and then she asks to be carried. Onbu is perfect for a quick setting up and carry. I like carriers with little adjustments, and this one is definitely the one. I would love to have this carrier in my stash, maybe a preschool size. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity, you’re the best.


Katarina Rakić, Serbia

I am really happy to test this onbu, it`s awesome! Tester is 3 year old and about 15 kg weight. He is so like it. Easy to use, soft, thin material, design is very interesting. Mom and dad and boy say “we love it”!

Sanja Markovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had the opportunity to test this onbu toddler made by DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice. Our favourite tipe of carriers is the onbuhimo carrier, because of one very couriouse baby-toddler 🤣 the tester is 20 months old, about 10kg and 85cm…the material is soft and thin wich makes it a very good option for the summer…the thing I especialy loved about this carrier is the front buckle which is very adjustable in hight! It could be a bit more padded behind the knees, I had the feeling that the baby wasn’t quite confortable in that area…the design is just beautiful ❤this carries has the potential to be one owesome carrier

Nevena Krstevska, Serbia

We are very grateful because thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we tried onbuhimo made by DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice. My piggy weights about 15 kilos and is !7 months old. He is realy heavy but in this onbu he was as light as a feather. The materials and onbu itself are high quality made,you can easly adjust shoulder straps how you like it to be comfortable. I also like the patern so much. Would higly recommend to everyone 10/10 🙂

Mario Maho, Serbia

Review written by a babywearing dad:
Thanks to this group and the fact that my wife is pregnant and not carrying our son that much, I had the pleasure of testing this onbuhimo. I am not very experienced with onbuhimos, so needed a bit of help to adjust everything but other than that, this carrier is great. It feels good on the shoulders and I did not feel my kid’s weight. I liked the design, and my wife mentioned several times that the material is soft and cozy (and I had to agree of course).
Review by Mario Maho

Marija Teofilovic Janicijevic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice for the opportunity to test this onbuhimo. I tried it with 3 of my youngest ones. Baby girl 10kg, and boys weighting 15 and 16kg. It was most comfortable with my baby girl. She was thrilled as she could see everything. I carried my younger boy for 2km and it was ok having in mind that I have a shoulder injury. It was an enjoyment for all of us.

Azrina Radionica, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice we had a pleasure to test this amazing onbuhimo in toddler size. We had it for 6 days and it was too short. It is a carrier No ONE! Light weight, fits in every bag, easy to put on (you really don’t need more than 20 seconds), extra comfortable on sholders, great for longer walks. My husband enjoyed it, because it has only one pair of straps to tighten 😊 size for ideal for my older boy who is 4+year and 17kg+, but it a bit big for younger who is size of clothes about 80. So, toddler size, really means for toddlers 😉 overall, I am in love in this carrier, my big boy too. Hope we’ll meet again sometimes.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice we had a big pleasure to test this very amazing onbuhimo in toddler size. We had it for 6 days. I am proud to own one of Zmajčice onbuhimo, so the sisters were together one short time. 💛💚 This carrier is Number One carry! I love it so much. This is my favorite carrier. Light weight, fits in every bag, easy to put on, super comfortable on sholders, the shoulder straps are ideal for me. The onbuhimo is also great for long and longer walks. For sleeping too. This model is without a hood and we didn’t need it at all. My big toddler kid is 3 years old and 15 kilos. 😉. We enjoy it so much.
Thank you so much for opportunity to test it. 💛💙 It was a big pleasure. 💚

Jelena Ošić, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s Traveling carriers and DracoMom carriers – ex Zmajcice we had a chance to test for me the best carrier in the world! Unfortunately we didn’t made,we failed to fit in well, we need more time to.Kids loved it,and im glad so we will not give up. This carries is best of the best in the world 🌍❤️#lenastravelingcarriers

Sandra Stamenkovic, Serbia

We were waiting for this carrier unpatiently. Since my toddler didn’t like the back carry with standard carrier, I thought that carrying him higher on the shoulders (so he can see) would solve the problem.
And I was right!
My boy (14 months, 12 kg) loved this carrier and has so much fun while being in it.
I really liked the design, it is so unique and interesting.
The materail is light weight, easy to fold and pack in a purse. Setting up a child is so quick, it literally takes 5 seconds.
It would be perfect carrier for me, but unfortunately I didn’t feel comfortable with it, because my shoulders hurt.
They say it takes some time to adjust those muscles, but for testing time I couldn’t handle carrying the child for more than 10 min.
On the other hand my husband stood the whole walk. He says that it is not the most comfortable carrier he had tried, but for him it was ok.

Anyways, for those whole like onbuhimos, this one is excellent and if you have strong shoulder muscles you definitely need to give it a try.

Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #DracoMomcarrierd for this opportunity.

Ruža Jovanov, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice, I had the opportunity to try the Onbuhimo toddler and the Draco carrier for the first time in general. I’m delighted! ♥ All my expectations have been fulfilled. I definitely love carriers that adapt quickly and easily. It’s the best carrier to carry baby on your back. Tester is 13 months old and 11kg, loves sightseeing and enjoyed our walks and play time, swings… The shoulders straps are well filled and comfortable but I still felt pressure in my shoulders all the time. But every time it was more acceptable. The material is soft and cozy and the design is beautiful and unique. I really love it and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Next to rs, this is a carrier I’d really like to have in my stash. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Jovana Pavlović, Serbia

Thanks to LPN and Dracomom we have opportunity to test this beautiful onbu carrier. My toddler is 23 mo and 15kg.This is our first onbu ever, print its very interesting, straps are comfortable, its very easy to adjust, but I did feel his weight a little,he is big boy. Thank you LPN and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice 💕

Marijana Olbina, Serbia

When you put your “baby” in a toddler carrier is the breaking point when the reality hits you. Your baby is actually a toddler. And does not want to be carried around as much. She might be ready to move on to the next stage, but are you?
This is when you will really love onbuhimo. This type of carrier is ideal for toddlers, cause it is easy to set up without them having the time to hustle. Perfect to put them in and out when needed and a joy for them to look around from the higher ground. This onbuhimo in particular is beautiful with its pattern that reminds us of traveling and all the things we miss at this point of our lives. It was comfortable and a great companion during our walks.
Big thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers #dracomomcarriers ❤️

Monika Trivkovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers- ex ZMajčice for the opportunity to test this onbuhimo. I tried it with my 3rd child,boy year old and 15kg. I liked the design,it’s so interesting. The material is so soft. I didn’t feel his weight,and we enjoyed😍

Jelena Grekulovic, Serbia

I first tried this type of baby carrier. My child is close to two years old and about 10 kg. I must admit that I am not skilled in setting up child but we succeeded somehow. If we had a little more time we’d better practice setting up. “Onbu” is very light and made of pleasant material.

Brankica Jorgic, Serbia

Thanks a lot to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers doo on this lovely experience, baby is one yo, and mommy eight months pregnant have loved it!
We managed to have long walks after a long time.. Perfection!

Violeta Urošević, Serbia

After we tried DracoMom onbuhimo in baby size I was determined that I need DracoMom onbuhimo in my life, following our development now in toddler size. And I wasn’t wrong! DracoMom carriers are the ones that developed love towards babywearing with my boy. Altough he enjoyed wearing before, he wasn’t very happy when it comes to putting into carrier. Now he’s the one that brings me the carrier, puts it onto bed and sits on it so I can get him on my back and wear him, all that with happy feet dance. He loves being worn on my back, always spreading arms like he’s flying, or pointing to a moon like he’s gonna catch it.
My boy is almost 20 months old, weighing around 12kg. Carrier is very light, perfect both for cold and for hot days. It packs easily into little square that fits perfectly all mammas bags, takes up little space, so you can put it in a bag so that it is always at hand when you need it. Shoulder straps are wide, but I would prefer if they would be padded, so it would be more comfortable when it comes to wearing a toddler. All straps are easily adjustible. We managed with adjusting pfas and straps so now it doesn’t take us a long time to adjust carrier to me or my husband, even during walks when we switch in wearing. Print is so cute and interesting, my boy started looking at the animals and tries to recognize them, so it comes handy as a learning tool too about animals and continents, and that will be relevant theme for a long period now, considering that we just started that learning process.
So all in all, this carrier is a great carrier for us and for every toddler, and we would recommend it to every toddler as it would bring joy in their babywearing and life overall. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers doo for this opportunity! ❤️

Milica Mihic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke and DracoMom Carriers I had the opportunity to test the DracoMom Onbuhimo in todler and baby size. My baby currently weighs about 10 kg. In my opinion, this type of a carrier is very easy to set up and is suitable for parents who want to carry their little ones on their backs, but are not overly skilled at it. If I would have to choose between sizes, I would totally choose a todler one because my baby is considered a tall child. #lenastravelingcarriers #dracomomcarriers

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