Neko Switch Toddler Size Carrier – Lycia Elmas

Neko Switch TODDLER SIZE can be used from 86/92 cm till your little one becomes a preschool kid- aprox. 6 years.

Ana Vuletic, Finland

I was especially attracted with ajudstable toddler as currently I have 2.5y old and 5.5 year old and both loved to be carried.

First comes first. It comes in sack pack made of the same wrap as carrier which is really practical and handy made so I always use it as it is to take it with me.

The full wrap conversion of the carrier make it unbelievable soft and light to carry so it is one big plus. And I am really found of carriers made of wraps. It was maybe the first time to pay attention that they have mixed Duraflex and YKK buckles (both familiar to those who are more in this world). The main difference is I would say that Duraflex are much steady and robust then YKK. In this case Duraflex have been used for weist and chest and I would come to the point why I never noticed before and why I noticed it now.

Carrying a 2.5 year old, 11kg and cloth size 92

I would point out this I found more challenging then carrying my older one. First I need to adjust width which has been done with snaps which is quite easy. But then comes harder part adjusting a panel in hight. Neko here use strings which you pull on both sides equally to make it shorter. And also PFA (perfect fit adjuster) on straps. I done both but height was still a bit long for my 2.5y old. Fine if she will sleep all the time, but if she decide to take out her hands that I found almost as mission impossible.

PFA and strings to ajudst hight
Snaps for ajudstable width

My younger still loves to be front carry when she is tired and wants to sleep so I only front carry her. Here I first made mistake as I have pulled straps to the end before putting kid so it was hard to reach them without help once when I put straps on myself. So never loosen up them completly If you front carry, leave some 🙂 I have this habbit as I used before carrier which have 2 way tighting so I didn’t have to think about it.

The width we adjusted just fine and she was really comfortable. She is also big complainer so she would let me know on slightest uncomfort.

Carrier is extremely light and Neko did an excellent job on weist belt as it is not hard or soft, it just have the right amount of filling so it will not bend over weight and it is extremely comfortable on long walks.

Now the part I find a bit weird is that after several km walk I need to retight again straps as in front carry they will slide a bit if I or kid jumped. So I would maybe here also use more wider buckles then it has been used or Duraflex instead of YKK. Weirdly did has not been happening with back carry as much as front carry.

As you can see in pictures panel is still a bit too high for my younger. But when she sleeps it is perfect to tuck her in.

Carrying 5.5 year old and 18kg, size 122

I would say it is really comfortable and both of us have enjoyed really. It takes fare amount of weight so you car Carry longer and weist as I said it is perfect and not bending. Also I am really surprised how hight back carry it provides.

Here obviously we don’t have support from knee to knee but as not needed and legs still goes really high I would say I am really surprised and satisfied with it. Especially as this Neko goes as toddler carrier even ajudstable. Here I have used all on widest and highest adjustments as I would say Fabric set up – don’t touch anything 🙂 My older really loved it and she said it is her carrier and she is so happy she can use it.

With older I also had a small issue, because of her weight I use hip transfer on a back and snaps will be heard during that proces that some have been opened. As I use it on widest I don’t see it as any security issue or similar, but just so you want be surprised if that happens also to you. With younger I didn’t have that issue.


I would highly recommend Neko as a Toddler/Preschool carrier. In width you can adjust to be smaller and to go from size 86 but I still think adjusting hight will be challenging for smaller kids, so I will use it from size 92/98. Softness and comfort are there and highly appreciated light weight of carrier. If you decided to switch from baby size when the times comes, Neko can be ideal for longer term if you are going on longer walks and still have need to carry older child or you simply enjoy it as much as I do and really want to extend it for just little more and a bit more. I would suggested them to change in next release few smaller details but overall I am really satisfied.

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