MiniMeis carrier 4G

MiniMeis carrier 4G – From 6 months – 5 years old (max. 18kg/39lb)

Stojan Bukvić, Serbia

A dad’s experience

Since the birth of our babygirl, my wife has been obsessed with babywearing. All kind of carriers paraded through our house and even I tried some of them.
The babygirl grew up and didn’t want to be carried anymore…
Since I love nature, camping, hiking, I thought about what would be the easiest way to do it with my little girl without her getting tired of walking and me ended up carrying her in my hands, so of course the carrier came to my mind. And I came across MiniMeis. I liked the look and design of the carrier, the way that child is placed in carrier and the fact that it is advertised, acctually invented by dads! It wasn’t long before my wife told me “Hey, that carrier you mentioned… It’s coming to our group! You’ll be the first tester!”
And so we welcomed MiniMeis. First impression, a real manly carrier. I don’t know why I said like that, but the look, the design, the appearance, the fact that it is placed on the shoulders… Manly.
Usually, I like to read the instructions, but the wife didn’t really have the nerve for me to study the booklet that comes with the carrier, so we watched the instructions on the Minimeis YT channel. Although at first so many straps seemed complicated, the video explains the adjustment and placement of the carrier in a very nice and simple, understandable way. Last step, placing a child in it. Well I don’t have to say that she was thrilled. I guess she was comfortable, but I think she liked the fact that she was watching us all from above. And that she can pat me on the head. And pulls on my ears. It was comfortable for me too. I can’t say that I didn’t feel her 15kg (the carrier normally supports up to 18kg), but it’s certainly much lighter, and more stable and safer than when your child is sitting directly on your shoulders. The next question was And what if she wants to come down and walk? The wife has some wraps and slings, which she can easily roll and put in a bag and what am I going to do with this one? But dads thought of everything. The carrier can easy fold and the strap is pulled out, so you can carry it over your shoulder like a messenger bag.
Unfortunately, when the carrier arrived in Serbia, there was a state of emergency because of the pandemic situation and we were in lockdown, so we could only try it in our backyard. I hope that the parents who’s going to try it after us will test it for longer walks and bigger adventures.
I think that this is a great invention and the right thing for parents and older children, toddlers, adventurers who like to be free, to explore and pat dad on the head.
I’d like to say thank you to MiniMeis and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for allowing my little girl and me to try this great carrier and my wife for being a part of this wonderful group with a beautiful story!

#lenastravelingcarriers #ltctesting #minimeisenltc

Aleksandra Joksimovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s Traveling Carriers), I had the opportunity to host MimiMeis carrier which is, I have to admit, much more different from any other carrier I’ve had a chance to try so far. At the moment of testing, my wee one was almost 2 years old and weighing 12kg. Both me and my husband gave it a try. To start with, MiniMeis is easily installed on your shoulders and is easy to adjust as well. Secondly, the carrier is very light. Also, despite my child’s weight, it wasn’t difficult for me to lift her up and place her in the seat safely. I must admit that the first time I tried it, I did feel some pressure after carrying my girl for some time. My shoulders started “feeling” those kilos. It was much easier for my husband to carry our wee one, although the carrier felt a bit uncomfortable on his shoulders as well. Again, this was our first encounter with this carrier. In the following few days, I continued carrying my girl around, and with each new carry, it got easier. I could carry her for over half an hour without feeling her weight. It seems to me it’s only a matter of practice. Apart from having your hands free, it’s also super for the kid as well – they can even play or read a book while sitting up there on their throne. However, I wouldn’t give them any ice cream. To sum it up, I like this carrier very much and would certainly LOVE to take it out to some music festival.   Great idea, MiniMeis! Once again, a huge thank-you to LTC! #lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Katarina Andrejic, Serbia

I had the opportunity to test the MiniMeis carrier. MiniMeis is different from any other carrier I would try. My baby boy is 10 months old and 10 kg weight.This carrier is very comfortable and easy to install and quickly to adjust. After carrying my baby boy some time I felt pressure on my shoulders. My father also try Minimeis with my baby boy and It was much easier for him to carry. My baby boy enjoyed carrynig in Minimeis. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #minimeisenltc #ltctest

Marija Kicošević, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravellingcarriers we had a chance to test #Minimeis. Tester is a 13 months old baby who is 12 kg.
MiniMeis is the perfect vacation tool. Baby loved to get an overview and we hade our hands free of other things. A big bonus is that it takes so little space to bring along as it is foldable. It was very comfortable for the baby, but not so comfortable for the carrier because all weight is supported only by shoulders and it can produce some pain in that part of the body. Overall we were satisfied!

Nataša Pepić, Serbia

From daddy…
Finally a carrier designed with us dads in mind. Carrying kids on our shoulders is like second nature to us I was, naturally, very hyped to try this carrier out. My biggest concern was the stability, but once in place, the carrier was firmly secured on my shoulders. It has straps in front and on the side. The baby is secured with a strap that goes around her waist, and there are Velcro straps for her anckles. Once seated she won’t go anywhere. She absolutely loved it. Ideally, she should have been sitting leaned back in the chair part, but she was very exited so she kept an upright position on my neck all the time. In time I’m sure she would have relaxed and sat back. What I liked was a small pouch with a mirror in it, so I could check up on her from time to time. Keep in mind that the baby’s back rest is pretty high, so watch out for door frames, trees, low ceelings etc. Carrier can be folded and carried around as a small bag. The inner frame is made of quality steel, hinges are tight and there is no slack in connector pin mountings. I believe it will withstand numerous folds and unfolds. Overall, a real daddy carrier. I think you’ll love it.
From mommy
This more a carrier for designed for dads, but there was no way I could just leave it untested. It was really strange and unusual to carry the baby on your shoulders. Baby had a lovely time, she was joyful and she kept pulling my hair constantly. I had a feeling that she was sitting on my neck, instead of laying back in the carrier, so I left it for daddy to try it out. 😁😉
#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we hosted Minimeis carrier for few days, and my husband and me really loved it. We didn’t fell the weight on our shoulders, and it was so easy to fit both my husband and I. Baby is 13 months old and around 10kg. Thanks again for this lovely opportunity!

Darija Maho, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had the pleasure of testing the MiniMeis carrier. Well, mostly my husband did. This was the only carrier he was actually excited about. He said he really enjoyed it. I helped him a little with adjustment, but once he got the hang of it, the were on the go. Daddy walked proudly through our neighborhood carrying his little one on the shoulders, and they both loved it. I enjoyed their smiles that afternoon. I did also get the the chance to try it, and used it around the house while my little one helped me clean the spider web of the ceiling. It was quite handy 😂 all in all, we loved this carrier. Thanks again!
#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Milkica Marinkov, Serbia

I am glad that I had this wonderful opportunity to at least come to visit me. I think the idea is great. Unfortunately, I personally did not try it, but only my husband with a baby who is not ours, and that was short because he started crying. He said that the 11kg baby was not difficult for him. It seems like a great carrier for travel, if the baby wants to behave like that. My child did not want to, which disappointed me.
I hope to try this baby carrier again with another baby 🙂

Irena Fridl, Serbia

I recommend, every honor for innovation. However, this carrier did not suit to me. I was carrying my son on the mountain, we were on a hike, he weighs only 11kg but the carrier made everything difficult for me. It is more for men to carry their children and I don’t think it is adapted for women to use it. So after just one short walk I felt big pain and had to take it off. Days later I had inflammation of the shoulders and upper back. It is furnished according to the instructions and I did everything, but unfortunately this carrier is not for my type of body. Still thanks for the opportunity to try and test it. Thanks to group Lena’s traveling carriers and to Mini meis.
#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

I had the opportunity to test the MiniMeis carrier. MiniMeis is different from any other carrier I tried. My toddler boy is almost 3 years old and about 15 kg weight, but he doesn’t wanted me to carry him in it. But my niece does. 😊
She is also almost 3 years old, and she enjoyed in carring.
This carrier is not very comfortable, easy and quickly to adjust. I didn’t connect with the carrier so much and I think the carrier is made for man, it’s not so much adapt for women. Some time after carrying I felt pressure on my shoulders . My toddler niece enjoyed carrynig in Minimeis.

Still thanks for the opportunity to try and test it. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and to Mini meis.
#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Mina Aleksić, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test this lovely MiniMeis carrier thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and we really liked it. The baby is a year old and about 10kg. Firstly, I have to say she absolutely loved it! But in her dad’s words, as he was the one wearing it, it is uncomfortable on the shoulders and he felt that his neck couldn’t be in its natural position ut pushed slightly forward, which caused him some neck pain and he wasn’t able to wear the carrier for more than 45 minutes at a time. Other than that, it did take us some time to figure out how to get the carrier assembled and get the baby in the right position. I also tried to use it but had to take it off after less than a minute due to my existing neck problems. In summary, I don’t believe that this carrier is for people with neck or upper back problems as it might cause some discomfort, but it is so amazing for the child as he/she gets to see everything around him/her. Thank you to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the opportunity to test this carrier!

#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Bojana Maksimović, Serbia

A boy, 14 months old and 10 kilos weight, with no cooperation. 😊
We’ve only managed to try it briefly but weren’t able to carry the baby since he was extremely nervous. As carriers, mom and dad liked baby carrier which is really comfortble. Also, I have problems with my back. However, I was able to carry my baby easily.
Dad is thrilled.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try out something new.

Ivana Stanojevic Mihajlović, Serbia

As the mums (and dads this time) have sad before, MiniMeis is a completely different carrier. I was unsure at the beginning. I kept asking my self was it secure enought, would the baby enjoy to be so high. Well, I think he loved it 🙂 He really enjoyed carring, he had a perfect view and interesting “toys” in front of him (our hair and ears). The carrier has many adjustments, it is secure, and you can pack it and carry it like a bag when you don’t carry your baby. I like that the baby is high in the air so there is no body heat transfer between us. Unfortunately, I cant say it was comfortable to me. The baby weights about 13kg and I felt a lot of preasure on my sholders and my neck after a short walk. My husband carried him longer than me, but after that he felt the same. I like the idea very much, the baby likes to be high on my shoulders. I would like it to be more comfortable so we could enjoy longer walks. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and MiniMeis, it was an interesting experience!

Minea Bašić Palković, Serbia

I sent the application for testing the MiniMeis baby carrier mostly because my husband loves to carry our child on his shoulders, but due to the curved seating of our son, this is rarely feasible. We liked the way of carrying, the position of the child in the carrier and the fact that the carrier is easy to place.
Although at first glance, heavy rains seem complicated, the instructions nicely explain the setting and placement of the stretcher. The child liked the most that he saw everything and he could tap his dad head, pull out his hair. For a dad, a carrier was comfortable with a child of 14 months and almost 9kg. I was a little bothered by the pressure from his weight on my shoulders, but it is more stable and safer than when my child sits directly on my shoulders. The carrier is easy to disassemble and assemble and can be carried as a bag.
Many thanks to MiniMeis and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for allowing us to try this carrier.

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

After finishing a long and active carrying in ergonomic carriers , my child only wanted to be carried on my shoulders. Just at that time, the MiniMeis test tour started through our favorite group Lena’s traveling carriers. At that moment of testing my child is 3 years old and 17.5 kg, and 18 kg is the upper limit of the baby’s endurance. The carrier itself seemed a bit unusual and complicated to me, but after watching a couple of tutorials on yt, it was already easier for me to use it. After mounting the child in the carrier, I soon felt great pain in my neck and shoulders. The carrier itself weighs about 1.7kg + 17.5kg my son is too much of a burden for my back. Then I realized though that this is a better carrying option for men than for women. Otherwise, the carrier is really easy to use and practical. I’m sorry we couldn’t try it earlier, I would probably be more comfortable with a smaller weight of the child. I am grateful to #lenastravelingcarriers for the opportunity to try out the unusual MiniMeis carrier.

Ivona Zakic, Serbia

Thank’s to Lena’s traveling carriers we had a chance to try MiniMeis carrier. My husband was carrying our 14 kg son. We went on a walk around city for about one hour. My husband said that he felt uncomfortable and pressure on his shoulder and back. When he took the carrier he had deep marks and redness on shoulders. The carrier seems to be very intresting designed and our child really enjoyed the walk. He didn’t wan’t out of it😁 It is not a problem even if child falls asleep in it, it has support for head.
We are very happy we tried this carrier.
#lenastravelingcarriers #Minimeis

Dijana Jevremov, Serbia

First impresion: ‘wow what a big carrier’ 😄 it is so big, but easy to put on and to fit child in. My boy is 2 years and 10 monts, 16kg, and he enjoyed 😄 we enjoyed. We used it only in the haus, but we ran thrue the rooms with it. It was a funy experience 😊 Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #minimeisenltc for opportunity to try on this carrier 😊💋

Andjela Zivanovic, Serbia

Thank you very much Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and MiniMeis for the opportunity to test Minimeis 4g carrier. We signed up for the test because Dad promised to carry the child if carrier that would not be complicated to mount. When this carrier arrived, I first saw that my husband liked it. He adjusted everything himself, every millimeter and waited for a walk with our daughter. He agreed to walk on the condition that I don’t take pictures of them … That’s why I don’t have pictures to show how father and daughter enjoyed themselves while I was on the sidelines and watching them. My husband liked that the child has a view of everything, it is easy to adjust, it is a comfortable carrier. He says that he is very satisfied and that he would recommend it to every dad who wants to enjoy with his child. This is definitely the carrier that left him speechless. 👌🏻 I took the opportunity while my husband was at work to go for a walk with the child. A big plus and a recommendation from my side as well. Every detail on this carrier is good. The color combination is great. I like that a child can enjoy the beautiful view. We enjoyed this practical carrier to the fullest. During the testing period, the tester is 14 months and about 10 kg. 👌🏻❤️


Brankica Jorgic, Serbia

Thank you so much for allowing us to test the MiniMeis carrier. Baby 8 months and 9kg, perfect for both mom and dad.
Dad was pleased, he was a little bothered by the discomfort but the stability was perfect. We were pleased and would embark on this adventure again.

Azra Velisavljev, Serbia

Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the opportunity for one dad to try this carrier, he and his little boy had a lot of fun. So, this is his review: my personal experience with this carrier je amazing. Worm recommendation for fathers whos children love to be carried on shoulders. I am a father of two great boys and I taught both of them that most beautiful place is on dad’s shoulders, so that is the reason why I have listened to my wife and decided to test Minimeis. Definitely the feeling is great, and the fatigue is much more less during walking. All praise for invention, finally hand are free, and child safe on shoulders. As regards to the carrier, it is easy to set up, easy to pack, light weight, and practic to carry it with you. Only thing I would redesign is the part that goes over shoulders, it could be more cozier, and the front and back part should be at least 10cm longer, because like this, it makes preasure on shoulder blade.


Jelena Jovanović, Serbia

#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

This is one honest rewiew from a dad who had never tried anything like this before.
MiniMeis Is the type of the carrier that allows carrying on one position only, and that is her purpose, to carry a child on your shoulders. Construction of the carrier is very interesting, like a small chair for a child, and it’s really well made. Nice design, material that it’s made of is strong and hard, and it looks expensive. Carrier distributes the weight of the baby really nicely.
It’s easy to set up. The weight of the baby in it, with all the straps, doesn’t allow baby to fall out. The good sides, the ones I liked on this carrier are:
– you don’t feel the weight of the baby.
– you got free arms and hands.
– excellent for long,long walks.
– the child that isn’t afraid of the height will really enjoy, like we did. Our baby is 14,5 months old and about 9 kg.
The things I didn’t really like, I have to admit:
– for men that have big shoulders and are big(like me), will have problems cause the width of the carrier is for, let’s say, normally built men.
– the underarm straps are too short so after a while you really feel pain there.
– everything that baby has in hands, especially food or drink, will find its way in hair of the person that is carrying.
– on shoulders could be more padded, cause there you feel the whole construction of the carrier, with it would be so much more comfortable and it would less cut in.
All in all, it’s really good carrier. There’s always place for improvement, but it’s all individual. We really appreciate this opportunity.
The rewiew of mom: it’s bit uncomfortable, let dad do all the work 😉
Thank’s Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and MiniMeis ,it was a pleasure!

Ivana Ružička Njegovan, Serbia

We are soooo happy that we had a chance to have this carrier for few days! First of all, this is a first carrier that dad was fascinated when it came. He doesn’t understand my passion for wraps and slings 🙂 Carrier is great quality, so easy to put on and secure. At first it looks so risky to put baby up there, but there is no place for such a fear. My boy is 10 months old and he has 10.5kg. He liked the Minimeis from the first time! We have tried it at home first, and we were lucky to have one really great and sunny day to enjoy the carrier. My baby were like some kind of price on the daddies shoulders. Carrier is comfortable, we have few walks, about 1hour each… We didn’t feel some kind of pain in shoulders of back. We noticed that belt that goes under arms of person who carry, has to be so tighten for better feel. We would love to have chance to have same opportunity on spring 🙂
Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers !!!

Milica Dujakovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and MiniMeis we had the opportunity to test this baby carrier. The baby tester is almost 1y old and around 8,5kg. The whole family tested it, the older boys around the house, and the dad and me took a stroll outside too. It is easy to adjust everything, but I needed some help putting her in the carrier, I wasn’t sure if it was done safely by myself. It’s maybe just a matter of practise. Putting her down was ok. The instructions on youtube great.
This is for babies that are sitting and have a good control of their neck and back muscles, and for toddlers too, so that should be kept in mind.
It was very interesting to try this carrier, I didn’t feel her weight that much and it was fairly comfortable, maybe just a bit stiff and “armoury”, but I must say that she leaned a lot and that would put me out of balance at some moments. I am also not used to “being” this tall so taking a walk in the forest, among trees is maybe not the best idea. Of course, the main reason for testing was for dad to try it out, because he is not a fan of trying out a wrap or sling. Unfortunately, due to his back and collar bone problems this wasn’t really comfortable for him, for shorter strolls it was ok but he felt the pressure on his shoulders.
As for the baby she absolutely loved the different view she had, she was quite inquisitive and looking around, singing and clapping her hands, drawing attention of other people.
I would recommend this carrier for hiking, going on trips in the nature, picnics and for other slightly adventurous activities.
#lenastravelingcarriers #minimeisenltc

Dijana Jevremov, Serbia

Dijana Jevremov
First impresion: ‘wow what a big carrier’ 😄 it is so big, but easy to put on and to fit child in. My boy is 2 years and 10 monts, 16kg, and he enjoyed 😄 we enjoyed. We used it only in the haus, but we ran thrue the rooms with it. It was a funy experience 😊 Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #minimeisenltc for opportunity to try on this carrier 😊💋

Zorica Jovanović, Serbia

We had pleasure to test this incredible carrier. MiniMeis does great job to carry baby or toddler for a long distance on a inaccessible terrain. MiniMeis have a good tutorial on YouTube where you can see everything you need about carrier. Unfortunately, our girl had a long illnesses through our test time so we didn’t have much time to test the carrier as we wanted.


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