Important Notice to all LTC members and supporters

Notice for all members of LTC

Dear members,
as we highly value ours and our kids health, Admin team came to mutual following  agreement:
As cases of Covid19 Virus has been registered in all 3 countries where are our carriers we will  temperarly STOP all carriers from further testing and renting. The reason behind it as mums usually go with kids to post office to send parcels and we find that post office due to large concentration of people is unnecessary risk. We don’t want to spread panic of any kind, we are just protecting our Family by working on prevention measurements. All carriers which are at your place concluding this day should remain at your place till further notice. Thank you all for understanding and trust and patience. We will try trough all channels to notify everyone including brands about this decision. The decions is Applied from publishing this post till we notify you further when we get more information.

We are truly sorry for any delays this situation will cause and apologies to our supporters, but hopefully you will understand that it is our goal to protect our members and their families. If you have any additional questions and worries please reach out on our email and I will be more than happy to provide you answers in my best knowledge. Stay safe and hope we will be able to come trough with some more positive information.

Kind regards and loads of love from Ana and admin team

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