Ruckeli Inspiring Story

We have recently got not such an ordinary request from one of our members Vladana. It is a young mum with sister with Intelectual Disability. As it should go with sisters, those two are really close and Vladana let her sister be involved in rising her kid, which we aplaud for going an extra mile and trust herself over others in surroundings who raised their concerns about this approach. Her sister Ivana enjoys babywearing and that is the most convenient for aunty and baby to connect.

As someone who finds Inclusion really important I gather one of the best babywearing consultants in our area (Iris Božić and Jelena Antolković) and we discuss how to approach this delicate situation. As we needed carrier which was supportive, easy buckled and which allows buckles to be seen while operating with them. Both have agreed that Ruckeli is the perfect carrier to go for. But there was an issue we didn’t have any in our libary. So, I have send an email to Ruckeli headquarters, explaining situation and hoping they will join us.

Ivana is babywearing and she is so happy to manage using Ruckeli almost by herself

I didn’t have to wait for long and email has arrived with comfirmation that they will gladly join. We could not be more happier.

Carrier arrived soon after and has been delivered to the Vladana. It has been there for a while and all family members have been using it and really loving It. Look a those amazing pictures of Ivana babywearing.

Ivana Babywearing

It is really important to share this stories to know how much impact love and trust can have and how important is to have communities like this and we are proud to be part of this babywearing story and proud of brands like Ruckeli who are willing to work with community and help us going an extra mile. Thank you all for putting trust in us and help us embrace beauty of babywearing.

Ivana Babywearing

I wish to thank Vladana for allowing me to share this inspirational story and hope everyone will be a bit more INSPIRED.

Dad babywearing
Mum Vladana Babywearing

Thank you for once again proving that Babywearing belongs to everyone ❤️

Ivana proudly babywearing

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