Vanamo Solki Savu

Vanamo Solki Savu Ring Sling

65% merino wool and 35% cotton

Ana Vuletic, Finland

OK, first if worth mentioning that I am huge fan of ring slings and that I have tried around 100 types of slings trough my years of babywearing so when I say this sling is a nb 1 sling I ever had or tried, that means something.

Let start with basics. Vanamo has eesti shoulder type, which becomes popular to call Vanamo shoulder as so specific and rarely done by any other brands. Most likely you will get gathered shoulder or in best case pleated like Lenny Lamb or Oscha and almost never floating or anything more extraordinary. But Vanamo, oh Vanamo is completely different category. For me this type of shoulder is one of the most comfortable. It nicely cover shoulder but not put your hand out of purpose as it is common case with gathered shoulder and extra material people usually pull almost till elbow.

I am also adding picture of my mum babywearing as she also loved it and she has narrow shoulders opposite from me for comparation

So you get this right, I am in love with type of shoulder Vanamo offers. It is perfectly pleated and distribution of weight for a ring sling is as it should be on right spots so my shoulder wouldn’t hurt even after carrying 17kg in half an hour walk.

Let’s break it down a bit further. I have also tried all type of Vanamo blends and pure cotton ones, but even famous 3blend I also use a lot it is not even close to Solki Savu, but is still very much loved, I will write if different blog about it.

almost 5year old and 18kg

I am extremely picky and also I have really sensitive skin and 0 will for breaking process, which obviously wool doesn’t need. So wohoo win-win. It doesn’t itch, not at all and it is really soft and delicate for baby and your own skin. Considering high procentage of wool your logic will tell you that it will have suggy effect when it is exposed to higher weight but this cannot be further from a truth. It holds beautifully and no need to adjust it even after long walks.

It holds beautifully. From newborn to toddlerhood this is The ONE sling you will ever need. I know it sounds like commercial but it is not, I am really so in love with it. Ask anybody and plus Vanamo is not even a sponsor to LTC, but hope it will change one day as I am too attached currently to my own to send them on a test tour 🙂

Next, merino wool is perfect thermal regulator so it is all year round sling which you can use in hot humid summer or cold freezing winter and it will keep you in a perfect temperature. It breathes.

Solki Savu is simple design, like a little grey/black dress, not gets easily dirty and you can match it with any outfit (if you care). It is working horse for me and I am taking it everywhere. Plus it does not absorb smells that much as other materials, so I used it also while cooking and I don’t smell like walking onion when I leave the house.

So to conclude this sling has everything one sling should have. Comfortable, breathable and can be worn all year round from newborn to toddler and what you can ask more from one sling, but for me that was the best buy ever.

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