Pabelle Slings Trip to Lisboa

Pabelle Slings Trip to Lisboa

Size 4, 100% cotton, 360gsm,post wash 400gsm.

Dragica Marinkovic, Serbia

Pabelle slings Trip to Lisboa, 100% cotton, declared at 320gsm, but after the first wash the magic happened and I measured 400gsm. This wrap is soft as cloud, puffy, grippy, comfortable on the shoulders. Is not moving anywhere despite the messy business. The design and colors of the wrap are elegant and beautiful. On the one hand it shows the spirit of Lisbon and on the other it has oriental patterns.

I tried wrap along with my 3 daughters. The first is a 4 month old baby, 7kg. I tried with her when she was 2 months old and I tought this wrap is not at first glance for newborns, but it is so soft that it suits the newborn baby perfectly. The second is a 20 month old toddler, 12kg. This wrap is ideal for her. It holds everything in place and the active toddler in it easily goes to sleep because it is full of sleeping dust.
The third is a 7 year old school girl, and hasent been worn but because of the beauty of this wrap she wished to be wrapped. The wrap holds her 32 kg weight perfectly. We enjoy everyday in Cushy feeling and
I hope I have a chance to try some more pabelle slings wraps.

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