Aloe Slings Aloe One

Aloe Slings Aloe One from to 9kg

Anita Begovic Kuveljic, Serbia

We tested this wonderful carrier, and I really do not know what I would say used it to express their satisfaction. The harness is very easy to install, and is ideal for the transfer 😁 too comfortable baby. I felt the baby’s weight, and if there is almost 9kg, carrier is rated to 10kg. Baby very loves to sleep in it, these few days are very accustomed🤣 looks like we’ll have to buy. Before all that, and the design is perfect. Thank you very much for this opportunity, we really enjoyed ❤️ #aloeslings #lenastravelingcarriers

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

This is the 2nd SCC that I have on test. Nice design, and beautiful pattern. The fitted straps are comfortable. I like the leg extenders that look like a woven wrap leg passes. Although I prefer wraps I like this carrier, it is comfortable and lovely. I actually signed up for the test because my husband asked me to. He was carrying a baby (1m 5kg). He really likes the design and colors. He particularly liked the straps because they are not thin,and belt that provides good back support. Even the older daughter (8y) tried to wear her brother. Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Aloe Slings

Mina Aleksić, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test the Aloe slings carrier thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and I have to say we loved it so much! It is one of the most comfortable carriers I’ve tried, plus it’s so beautiful. The tester is 6 months old and about 9kg. She fell asleep in record time in this carrier and II didn’t even feel her weight on my back. She even loved cuddling with it because it’s so soft! #lenastravelingcarriers

Milica Sofronijevic, Serbia

We tested Aloe sling carrier, baby size. Carrier is great for back, have extra belt, so I haven’t felt any weight of my baby. Fabric is very nice and design is beautiful. My baby is 6 months old, have 9 kg and 70 cm, so it was a little bit tight for us, but for small babies it is excellent. 🙂

Branka Đurić, Serbia

We were testing this beautiful Aloe sling baby size, I have a lot back problem and I didn’t feel a thing, carrier has a nice support for lower back, double buckle, nice soft straps for shoulder,we danced yesterday and she was super excited, laughing which wasn’t the case with wraps, and of course, baby loved it, we want carier for more then just testing… 🙂 Baby is 7 months old, more than 8 kg, and we both love it. #lenastravelingcarriers #aloesling

Anamarija Zivojinovic, Serbia

Dear moms and dads I understand we all have responsibilities towards our children, that is why I have to recommend this Aloe Slings which is very practical easy to use and fun for the children and the parents. It’s made from a very soft material, and it has a beautiful design but most importantly it is comfortable for the child as well as the parent. It fits perfectly on your body, your hands are free so you can do all kinds of things around the home or even on the go. And most importantly, I don’t feel back pain at all. Now go ahead and try out the Aloe Slings you will not be disappointed. Baby is 2months old, and more than 6kg. Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #aloeslings ❤️

Marijana Olbina, Serbia

Even though Iskra has almost outgrown Aloe Sling One Baby Size, we succeeded in making us comfortable in this amazing carrier. Because it is crazy comfortable with it’s signature big belt with two buckles and wide and cushy shoulder straps.
Mummy’s and daddy’s comfort Is indeed important. But let’s takl about the smart adjustment solutions for the baby. First of all, the material is supper supportive for baby’s back, and this particular one was really beautiful for the eye as well. But, what really amazed me was the solution for widening the panel for getting the m position and knee to knee support for bigger babies. The two straps are buttoned easily for the panel, making it wider or narrow depending on the baby’s size.
Also, it looks like a kind of buckle carrier – wrap hybrid, since there is extra material for baby’s back to be added, and it makes it a perfect carrier for the really little ones.
Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #aloesings for giving me another opportunity to try out these carriers that always amaze me with new, smart and practical solutions.

Miljana Letović, Serbia

First of all I would like to say thank you to #lenastravelingcarriers and #aloeslings for opportunity to test this carrier. Tester is 4 months old and 6800g. This is our second aloeslings carrier that we tried and the best thing about it is definitely the belt. It’s really supportive and comfortable. Panel is adjustable and solution for make it wider is very interesting but maybe not to practical for me (I don’t think of part with buttons, I really liked that part). Shoulders are also great and very comfortable. Overall it is good, comfortable and interesting carrier

Sandra Stamenković, Serbia

Our family was testing Aloe one -baby size for a couple of days. First of all, I really loved the design of the material. Interesting patterns along with the softness of the material is what made this carrier stand among the others. Double strap on the back makes carrying the baby comfortable and we were enjoying long walks. Daddy especially liked it Our baby enjoyed sleeping in the carrier and loved the privacy provided by the hood. At the moment of testing our baby was 5 months old (almost 8 kg). Thanks, Aloe Slings #aloeslings and Lenine putujuće nosiljke #lenastravelingcarriers for providing us this carrier.

Dorottya Cvijanov, Serbia

We had the pleasure to try #aloeslings baby size carrier thanks to #lenastravellingcarriers 😊 it was very interesting to me that the panel was bit shorter than I was used to it, but like this my baby girl was able to get out her hands and play around with the things she could reach 😅 the material is very pleasant, i think it would be ideal for the hotter days… The double belt on the lumbar region is very comfortable and easy to adjust.

Ivana Tadić Stojković, Serbia

Thanks to @lenastravelingcarriers and @aloeslings we had the opportunity to test the Aloe Slings Aloe One baby carrier. This is our first carrier that we tried. At the moment of testing baby is 6 months old and around 8,5kg. Carrier is very light and panel gives perfect support for the baby’s body. I think that this carrier is great for the summer times. But shoulders straps was a little uncomfortable for me, maybe for my heavy baby 🙈 but for small babies it is excellent. I am impressed, color are very stylish. It’s great for moms and dads.
#lenastravelingcarriers #aloeslings #ltctester

Maida Vofic, Serbia

We had pleasure to try this beautiful, comfortable baby carrier thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #aloeslings.
Our baby girl is 6 months old and about 7 kg. She really enjoyed it!
We liked double belt & closure system and beautiful, soft fabric. It was our second carrier, but it was very easy to set up, in just a few simple steps. This was very interesting experience for both of us: my husband (196 cm/ 120 kg) and me (168 cm/70 kg).
Thank you one more time LPN and aloeslings for this great opportunity. 😊

Lidija Trisic, Serbia

Aloe Slings is a great design and very easy to adjust, but it didn’t suit us. The baby is 50 days and 5kg. It was too hot for us, it’s probably colder for a while. As for the spine (I have a problem), it’s great. My spine didn’t hurt at all. Since the baby is small, I had a problem with the width of the panel, and it is not possible to narrow it. Thanks to # lenastravelingcarriers #aloeslings for this opportunity to use.

Marija Toković, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #aloeslings,we had a chance to try out this amazing Aloe sling one carrier. This is very first carrier we have tried on and we fell in love with it. It is so soft and comfy, for baby as for me too. We started carrying at one month old, about 4 kg, and we enjoy it still, now at 2,5 months old and 5,5 kg. It’s very nice for the summer, we are taking walks every evening around 18h, and the baby isn’t sweating or complaining, on the contrary, sleeps all the time and thus shorten a long summer day. I’m 176 cm in height, have a shoulder problems, and back pain after two pregnancies and childbirths and breastfeeding for 2 and a half years, but with this carrier I don’t feel any of it. It helped a lot with stomachaches and nervous baby, but as soon as we set up,the baby would calm down and fall asleep. Cause of this great carrier and ever greater bw group, we set our foot in bw world and plan to stay for a long long time! Thanks to all for your patience with our first tryouts, and for everyday help regarding babywearing and bonding parenthood. I’m so proud to be part of all of this.

Borisalava Makevic, Serbia

Thanks to #lennastravelingcarriers and #aloeslings we have the opportunity to use this lovely carrier. It is our first carrier and my baby boy and I love it; he fall asleep as soon as I put him in.
It is very practical, soft enough and comfortable carrier. I still need some practice to set it all by myself. Shoulder straps are a bit hard to adjust for me, so I usually need some help with that.
My baby is 3 months old, about 6,5kg; his weight is distributer perfectly so my back doesn’t hurt at all, is it very comfortable to carry him.
Overall my experience is very positive and I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy babywearing with #aloeslings. Thank you LPN once again.

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