Yaro broken twill dye with natural coloros

Yaro broken twill dye with natural coloros

Size 6, 100% cotton

Svetlana Živanović, Serbia

At the time of testing the baby is about 11kg and 10months old. The wrap is very soft, comfortable to wear, easy to use. My baby love hip carry.
We haven’t had the chance to carry for a long time, but for now it’s great. The only problem is that I am not able to wrap him fast and have a problem with wrapping in car, etc. For now it is still an impossible mission for us, and in such situations we most often need a wrap. Thanks for the opportunity to try it.

Aleksandra Djordjevic, Serbia

Until now, I was carrying a baby in a sling so I borrowed a wrap with the idea of trying to carry baby on my back. Unfortunately, with no sucess, he does not like it. But carrying him in front was a total hit, especially at sea, baby loved sleeping. The wrap is soft, easy to use. I’m a total beginner and not skilled enough and I easily wrapped little Vanja. He has 8.5 kg, I have 70 and this size and density of weaving is great. It does not stretch, and in principle, if I tie it well, the wrap does not move. I’m impressed with it, quite a solid wrap that hold great, even tied loosely. I know that there are many nicer wraps on offer in the LPN range, but whoever decides to wear it I think it will enjoy this wrap.

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