NashSling Ring Sling Ice ring sling Ice

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

I try Nash sling for the first time. My baby is about 9 kg and 9 months old at the time of testing. When I saw the sling was thin and light, I wondered if it would be comfortable to carry my baby in it.
As soon as I placed the baby in the sling, I realized that the first impression was wrong.
I was surprised at how easy it is to fit it and how well it holds, and the shoulder doesn’t hurt at all.
This type of shoulder (pleated) just suits me and there is no excess material to bother.I think this sling would be perfect for little babies, though it does take a bit of breaking when the sling is new.
Also, I was thrilled to see the prices on the Nash sling site. Great value for money.
I am grateful for the opportunity to try this brand as well. Thank you❤️

Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

Nashsling Ring sling – ice
Thanks to #lenastravellingcarriers we had the opportunity to test this sling, and it was surprisingly strong and comfortable, although it is so thin. I think it will be just perfect for summer to. At the test time my baby is about 7months and 8kilos.

Ivana Ivanovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke we had opportunity to try this sling💕#lenastravelingcarriers #nashsling. This is the first ring sling we tested and we love it. Baby tester is 9 months old and weight 9 kg. Sling is soft, light and comfort during the babywearing. I did not felt baby weight at all.

Ivana Kostic Lacmanovic, Serbia

My 10 months old baby girl, around 9,5 kg, and I had the opportunity to test and enjoy the Nashsling Sling with rings -Ice.This RS is very thin in hand but strong and supportive.Beautiful colour,can be adjusted to any outfit.Perfect RS for small babies,beautiful and soft like cloud.
Thank you #Lenine putujuće nosiljke and #Nashsling,I feel so greatful.I really enjoyed it 💕

Ana Stanković, Serbia

We hosted Nashsling ring sling Ice in amazing blueish grey colour last week. The pattern is very discrete but so nice and romantic. My baby is 10,5 months old, weighing between 10,5 and 11 kg. This was the first time I was using a sling with pleated shoulder, so I was excited to try it. It was very comfortable for me, although I don’t have a problem with gathered type of shoulder. This ring sling is incredibly simple to adjust, and so lightweighting but strong and supportive. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #nashsling for this opportunity!


Marijana Olbina, Serbia

If you are looking for a summer, light rs for smaller babies, that is also a great value for money, this would be a great choice. I liked the shoulder, pleated, very much, I think it is also better choice for beginners than the gathered one 👌
We used it mostly around the house and it served us great for cuddling and fooling around 🤗
Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #nashslings for this opportunity.

Ivana Stanojevic Mihajlović, Serbia

Nashsling Ice has been 5 days with us. Unfortunately, during that time we were sick and had a fever… That’s the reason why we didn’t spend so much time in it. I can say the material is very thin, it would be perfect for summer days (even the design associates to the summer and the sea). It’s a good choice for smaller babies and for beginners. You can adjust it very easily. My baby is about 11kg, but it was comfortable for me for a shorter carrying. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and for the opportunity to test this sling! #lenastravelingcarriers #nashslingltc

Mina Aleksić, Serbia

We had the Nashsling Ring Sling Ice for 5 days to test thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers). Just like the carrier, it was amazing! The tester is 6 months old and about 9kg and she had a cold while testing this, so it was amazing how thin this sling is and how comfortable. #lenastravelingcarriers

Jelena Marinković, Serbia

This Ring sling is very comfortable because the material is very thin and I think is perfect for summer. My baby have 5 months and 9kg and we are wearing in the house because he is a hard to carry in long walks. But he love it and thankfully is very still in this Ring sling. Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #nashsling because they are here for us!

Marija Mladenovic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we had an opportunity to try Nashsling sling with rings-Ice. Once I managed to properly put my baby in sling the experience was amazing. Even though my baby is 12kg and the sling is up to 15kg, I didn’t have to adjust the sling even once. The weight was distributed evenly between my shoulder, back and hip, so I haven’t felt any discomfort. Thanks again LPN for this amazing opportunity, thanks #nashsling!

Katarina Nikolić, Serbia

This was our first ring sling- our new love! Easy to adjust, firm but soft fabric, lovely color.Baby tester is 4,5 m.old and over 6kg. We used it mostly in the house and both- me and little tester think that it is perfect. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers #nashslingltc

Kristina Heđi, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we got opportunity to try Nashsling sling with rings-Ice. This was 1st RS I tried with my 13 months old doughter, weight around 11 kg and I have no problem to set it. It is very comfortable, and easy to adjust. Wrap is a so soft and it slides through the rings easly.Its great for summer days. It takes less than a minute to set it and we are ready to go. But my baby prefers carriers😉#nashslingltc

Dragana Backović, Serbia

Amazing babywearing accessories! ❤ My 4-month-old and I had a chance to test Nashsling Sling with rings – Ice (baby size) via #lenastravelingcarriers , and we were amazed how easy it was to follow simple steps and get super comfortable in 2 minutes! It’s so easy to put it on and off. And this was the first ring sling carrier we have ever tried!
The fabric is pure cotton, and it was so easy to pull through the rings and adjust it the right way… and it stayed in place for the whole walk every time! It seemed to distribute weight ideally along the back and shoulders, both mine and baby’s. My baby is just 4,5 months old, but have 9kg already, and it fitted him perfectly! We fell in love 😍

Bojana Jeremić, Serbia

We enjoyed the time spent with Nashsling Ice. Since we are new in baby wearing, easy set up was very important to me . The material is very thin,it was really good choice for summer days, and later on for carrying inside (my baby hates warmth). Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #nashlingltc for this opportunity.

Milica Simonović, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and its admins that I was adviced by, I had an opportunity to try this adorable ring sling. Even though this was my first rs, I completely enjoyed in it. Gentle fabric, but firm enough, light baby colour, easy to adjust – made me feel like I have been using it long time ago. Baby testers were 6 months old (prematured tweens’ born 1.5 months earlier) and about 8kg. We used it more for my.boy baby since he enjoyed it more than his sister – clearly demonstrating that loudly crying every time we stopped wearing. 😐 No matter rs are usually used when the weather is nice, we.used it even during cold.days (with proper cover). Only my older daughter wasn’t happy since she couldn’t have been taken in this comfortable rs. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers #nashslingltc

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