Kikebu elastic wrap

Kikebu Elastic wrap

Ana Bambić Kostov, Serbia

A Kikebu elastic wrap was my first babywearing experience. I find the wrap soft, wide, long, easy to wrap and set, and it’s also easy to pad with a blanket when it’s cold outside. I worn my baby from about 6 to about 8kg, and then the wearing became a bit heavier for me. His weight would pull the wrap and he would
“descend” significantly from start to finish. Now, it took a bit of time for my baby to get used to being tied so tightly to my body. He grew to like it, but after about 30-45 minutes, he would get a bit nervous. This is not the because of the wrap, I think, it could’ve happened with another one easily. My husband tried and liked it as well – it was easier for him to carry the weight, of course. I used it mostly to run short errands outside and to take the baby for his regular check-ups. All in all, I quite liked the elastic wrap and I would recommend it for first-timers. It’s wonderful to be able to rent a wrap here and I THANK YOU!

Natalia Salinkova, Serbia

This is our second elastic wrap and we are satisfied. The material is soft and not so bold, so this wrap is perfect for autumn in Serbia. My baby boy really love elastic wraps, inside the house or outside, doesn’t matter where we are.

Jelena Stojkovic, Serbia

I didn’t know about elastic wraps until I met Katarina, who referred me to this group.I didn’t carry my first child, and I only knew about carriers that were wrong. Now I know that elastic wraps are actually the most practical and safe for our children. Our experiences are great, the baby enjoys to be in it.He is a big baby so it is much easier for me to wear it in a wrap and have no problem with my spine and I do not feel weight. While I carry him in my hands, my back hurts, but with wrap it doesn’t hurt at all.He likes to be carried and see everything and this makes everyday life easier.
We enjoy and thank you a lot for this opportunity. #lenastravelingcarriers 🤗😘❤️

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

Elastic wrap is the first thing I tried when I started exploring the wonderful world of babywearing, thanks to #LTC and #kikebu.
My baby is 2 months old and we still carry in this wrap. We started when the baby was 15 days old. This wrap has been my main assistant in daily functioning since day one of wearing it.
I do not have much experience, but I can say that with good instructions and a little support I get here in the group, it is not difficult at all to place a baby in a elastic wrap. It is long enough and wide (very important for big moms 😁) and comfortable to wear. Now whoever asks me something about wraps enthusiastically I convey impressions and I think this wrap will forever remain in my heart because it was the first who take me on this whole adventure. Thanks ❤️

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