Donation for premature babies

Lena’s traveling carriers and their members organise a project to gather donations for “Institut za Neonatalogiju” (NICU) Belgrade.

Mainly it was aimed to provide small numbers of clothing for our fighters as that is always missing on this department and it is quite hard to find it and quite expensive. As clothes goes each time in sterilisation process and that is why they are not long lasting and there is always huge demand for donations.

As many parents from our group unfortunately have been visiting Institute and some of our babies stayed there for months we wanted to organise this donation as support for all and to let them know that we care even before they reach to us. We strongly belive that love and support even from strangers can lead a long way and try to promote this values whenever we can.

Many parents joined us in this cause from all countries in Balkan and support this idea, someone donated clothes, other donated money or discounts and some use their skills to create some octopuses, small woolen hats and blankets. The gathered money went to use discount and we were able to bought around 30 pieces of clothing in smallest sizes we could find (42-46). All in all around 300 pieces is delivered today to Institut.

Marija Adamovic as a mum of two premie twins we all love was the representative of our group and I think we couldn’t find better person to do it and also her older daughter Sara assit her on delivery of donation.

I would like to thank you all who joined in one of many actions we have and still plan to organise and thank you for all the love and inspiration as this is our legacy for next generation.

Ana Vuletic

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