Iva Sladic Babywearing Consultant

Hello, everyone! My name is Iva Sladic and I’m from Belgrade, Serbia, born and raised.
I’m Die Trageschule babywearing consultant at level basic since April 2016.
My bloghttps://ivasladicblog.wordpress.com/author/ivasladicblog/
My facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/ivasladicsavetnicazanosenjebeba/
My Instagramhttp://www.instagram.com/iva_sladic_babywearing

2. How you enter the babywearing world?
I was pregnant at the time when I first heard about a babywearing wrap. We’ve already got a few carriers while I was pregnant, but wasn’t sure if the carriers were ergonomic
enough. My husband and I started carrying our babygirl at 3 weeks old, in a strechy wrap and it was a dream! She was calm, I was calm. Seemed I could do anything with her wrapped around myself. And I did! Later, we switched to Mei Dai carrier and I fell in love with it almost instantly! I’ve found out more about babywearing world thanks to local facebook babywearing group.

3. Why you choose to be babywearing consultant?
I’ve decided to become babywearing consultant because I wanted to share benefits of babywearing to other parents in need.Since I’ve enjoyed babywearing while carrying our
child, I felt the need to spread the love of babywearing to everyone else.

4. What is important for you to share with parents who want to carry their kids?

Holding a workshop, I always tell the parents how babywearing had an impact on my life and how it helped me through very important stage of life – becoming a mother. I must
add that for me, the most important thing about babywearing is babywearing ITSELF.
Today, we don’t have enough time to talk to each other, we’re too busy with everyday life that we forget that we are human. So, when you have the need to hold your baby,
stick to it and carry the baby as long as you can, as long as you want, as long as it feels comfortable and natural to both of you.

5. Do you have any interesting story to tell?
Every time I’ve put my babygirl, who’s a big 4 years old now (June 2019), was fun time.
One time I was at the Kalemegdan fortress with my dad and my babygirl. We rode a cho cho train and she fell asleep, of course. She wassitting between us. Guess what I did when
the train stopped? Took the Mei Dai, wrapped it around myself, put her in, and we were ready to go! Interesting thing is also that I’ve never been to a public transportation with her in a stroller. Seemed so impractical to me, and still is.

6. What is your favorite type of carrier and why?
My favorite wrap is ring sling and my favorite carrier is Mei Dai. I’ve tried ring sling pretty much late, my babygirl was about 14 months old, but it was and sometimes still is very handy. Wish I could’ve tried it on when she was born. Hope I’ll get a chance to try it with another baby 🙂
We carried her in a Mei Dai for 10 months. I carried her on my back for the first time in Mei Dai. Also, I carried her on my hip in a Mei Tai also, but it’s not that comfortable as it
is in a ring sling.

7. What benefits you want to emphasise of babywearing? How babywearing affect your life
and relationships with your kid/s?

As I’ve mentioned before, the most important thing about carrying your baby is that – CARRYNG YOUR BABY.

Being close to your baby, holding your baby, developing that special connection between the two of you, that’s what babywearing is about for me.
Usually, parents who choose to wear their babies, want to do it the right way, and are ready to learn how to do it. Babywearing had a huge impact on my life. I had no idea how carrying my baby could help me in everyday life.

Thanks to babywearing I’ve managed to stay sane and got pretty much independent very shortly after I gave birth to our daughter. Also, my husband carried her in a wrap and carrier later, so he also got the chance to develop their own special connection.

8. Do you want anything to add?

Babywearing is getting popular more and more every day here in Serbia. For example, now we have much more opportunities on choosing an ergonomic carrier than I did 4 years ago. As long as there are parents in need, I will be here helping them, getting in touch with their babies, and getting in touch with themselves.
Thank you for this great opportunity to share a few words about babywearing from my point of view.

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