Woven Wings Run Wild and Free

Woven Wings Unreleased Wrap Run wild and free

size 6

Material: 67% Egyptian Cotton, 33% linen

Tamara Blagojević, Serbia

Woven Wings Unreleased Run Wild and Free, size 6. We had the pleasure of being the first in the Serbian tester group, thanks to the #lenastravelingcarriers, and had this beauty tested for several days. My girl is 18 months old, and around 11 kg. She is crazy about walking, and days were hot, so our testing took place mostly indoor. We really enjoyed it, the wrap is soft, even though it has just started the testing round, it holds firmly and the pattern is magical! In my opinion, it is suitable from the very beginning of babywearing, up until the end. We are grateful for this opportunity!

Biljana Elek, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers), once again we had a fantastic opportunity to try Woven Wings wrap. This time it’s Run Wild And Free from the most beautiful Geo Floral series. Wonderful dark blue and gray wrap, with 67% Egyptian cotton and 33% fantastic WW linen. The wrap came to us unbroken and quite stiff, but airy and firm at the same time. Wrap was doing a good job in tightening too. We tried several front and back carry and in every position it was extremely comfortable, and the pattern in each carry was beautifully displayed. I fell in love again with WW, especially in this pattern, and I would like to have this wrap in my permanent possesion. Once again I thank LTC and Woven Wings for this exceptional experience.

Melanija Drljača, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test this beautiful wrap. My baby is 15 months old and around 11kg. Days were hot, so our testing took place mostly indoor, we tried wrap for a few times. The wrap is soft and comfortable, but still unbroken. Pattern is beautiful.
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)❤️

Milkica Marinkov, Serbia

What was the first to delight me was breath taking colors, as well as the transition from geometric shapes to flowers 🙂 The temperature was about 20 degrees when the wrap were in the test, so we wore outdoors and did not feel warm. The wrap was not completely broken yet, but it was easy to overcome. When I tied Sofia, it did not move and everything was tight. Thank you for this group that exists at this opportunity to test 🙂

Jelena Ristic Ex Stojanovic, Serbia

This beautiful wrap was our gest for few days, thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers☺️. First impression was WOW, pattern is incredible, colours too☺️. I am beginner in babywearing world, and wrap wasn’t completly broken, but we did it like a professionals😁, because this wrap is strong, but gentle. I was able to walk for hours with my 8kg weight boy. I really loved it 💜💙🧡

Melanija Drljača, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test this beautiful wrap. My baby is 15 months old and around 11kg. Days were hot, so our testing took place mostly indoor, we tried wrap for a few times. The wrap is soft and comfortable, but still unbroken. Pattern is beautiful.
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)❤️

Iskra Opaček, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers I had the opportunity to try another #wovenwings wrap. Run wild and free came to me at the same time as Summer blaze droplets so it was a unique occasion. I must admit I did not enjoy this one. It has too much linen for my taste and is not moldable enough. It’s quite stiff so I wouldn’t recommend it for a newborn. My toddler was ok with it and I didn’t feel his weight so maybe it just needs to be broken in a bit more.

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Woven Wings Run Wild and Free
66 % Egyptian cotton and 34 % linen
Size 6

It feels light in hand even though it’s not fully broken in. Has low to medium bounce and medium grip. – it wraps perfectly and stays in place even with some lousy knot. Pleates perfectly on shoulders and I had to check twice for the blend cause I can’t belive there is 34% linen.
Colors are so beautiful, would be perfect for jeans, so made me feel sorry that it’s too hot to wear them.

I found it to be perfect with my twins, and it feels longer than ordinary size 6, cause I could tandemwear them easily.
It is suitable for newborns and babies up to 10kg, but I am sure that it would be perfect for bigger kids as well, unfortunately my older had a bit of strike, so she didn’t wanted up.

I am so sorry I had to send it, cause if it was mine, it would be perma. 💙

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Once again our dear group @Lenineputujucenosiljke gave us an opportunity to test Woven Wings wrap. This time it was Run Wild and Free, geofloral pattern with cotton and linen. Although I was at the end of the Serbian test tour, the wrap wasn’t fully broken so I gave my best to break it with rings. Before ‘ring job’ wrap wasn’t very comfortable on shoulders. After few days, situation changed so on the last day I was wearing my 14-month-old girl for a few hours and didn’t feel her weight. It is moldable and really easy to thighten and wrap. Grip and glide are at the perfect ratio. I really liked the fact that this wrap is so thin and so strong. Yes, it is flat and doesn’t have that cushy effect due to linen. Personally, I prefer dropplets pattern, but beside that I think that after breaking, this wrap can be a good choice not only for babies but also for toddlers.

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

Beauty Woven Wings Run Wild and Free
66 % Egyptian cotton and 34 % linen
Size 6,was with us on test.My son is 22 mounts old and about 15 kg.We try this wrap with a baby on the back,and I can say that it is perferct for a big baby like mine.I didn’t feel a waight of my baby on the sholders,and when you make a knot,you are ready for a walk.I like the pattern of this wrap,it is like a beautiful pazzul to discover.I realy enjoyed with baby in this wrap.Thank you again [Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

Everyone likes this wrap, I believe.
She is so beautiful and strong.
I get the impression that she is adjusting herself.
It takes a while to break, but this is normal for linen wraps.
We tested it with a girl of 3 and a half years (21kg) and with a baby of 6 months (8kg).
The weight on my shoulders does not feel at all and I beg that it is good for both small and large babies.
I wish I could have hung out with this beauty for a long time, but I’m so grateful to #lenastravelingcarriers and Woven Wings for the opportunity to try this wrap at all. ♥️

Ana Stanković, Serbia

I got the chance to test this extraordinary wrap quite unexpectedly so I couldn’ t be more excited to try it. I can say it is the most beautiful wrap pattern I’ve had in my hands till now. The colors couldn’t be more perfect, I couldn’t decide which side I liked better. I carried my two boys (25 months old, 11 kg and 6,5 months old, 8,6 kg), both in FWCC and didn’t feel their weight at all. The wrap is incredibly thin and easy to tie. I enjoyed every single day of testing this gorgeus wrap, thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this incredible opportunity! #lenastravelingcarriers #wovenwingsltc

Denis Caro, Croatia

We had the pleasure to test another Wings. This time it was a GeoFloral, first we had a chance to try, Run Wild and Free pocket weave with 33% linen.
First of all I looove the GeoFloral pattern! This one was a grey blue silverish version. I love the shading in the florals. Allthough it passed quite a few testers I felt it still isn’t broken in completely.
I am a fan of thinners to this one has thumbs up from me but because of the more complex pattern (than Droplets) it gave it quite a bit more grip. With thin wraps you usually need to tighten the wrap job properly and this is where you will break some sweat 😅 with this one. Don’t get me wrong, it will not loosen up while wearing. How you tie thats how it will stay but if you have some loose parts and slack it could come up in a longer walk and thats when you will feel it. So take your time with linen 😉 The WW pocket weave is amazing in every blend I tried so far. It stays in place, gives you a lot of support and enough cush on shoulders even in this type of really thin wraps.
We really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next tester!
Thank you WWteam and @lenastravelingcarriers .

Cheers from Croatia!! 🍻😉

Stanka Babin, Croatia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #wovenwingsltc we tested Woven wings Run Wild and Free, 66% Egyptian cotton and 34% linen in size 6. Wrap is very nice and the pattern is amaizing, it even caught my husband’s attention 😉. I prefer cushy wraps and this one is a bit stiff but it tightens easy and holds firmly. It is very comfortable and stays in place once you wrap it. My baby is 15 months old and has 9.5 kg, we both enjoyed testing this wrap.

Manca Gojević, Croatia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we had great opportunity to try this linen(34%) Geo Floral Run Wild and Free in size 6. This wrap is so nice to work with. I tried few linen pocket wraps from Woven Wings and must say it’s one of my favorite wq so far. It glides so well in multiple layers and also stays in place when tighten properly. Thanks to pocket weave it’s not diggy at all. Not even in longer walks! ❤️
I liked this one the most in DH. I got greatest support from it. My wrapee is 9months old and about 9.5kg. Design is also something I like, so it’s a win win situation for me 🙂
I would recommended it to everyone because it’s not thick and easy to handle. Especially when broken in completely, which this one almost is thanks to many testers before me. 😍

Slavica Tosic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had opportunity to test this amazing wrap, Woven Wings Geo Floral Run Wild and Free, size 6. Beautiful pattern and colours, easy to handle though wasn’t completly broken yet. At the moment of testing my little girl was 10 months old and at about 10 kg weight. We both had a very pleasant time in wraping. I hope that this wrap might come to us again if the second test tour would be organized in Serbia 🙂 #lenastravellingcarriers #wovenwings

Dragana Rogošić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had a pleasure to test unreleased WW Run Wild and Free (67% Egyptian Cotton, 33 % Linen).
It came to me in size 6, base +1 for me. Our test team consisted of 11 month old baby and me.
I was so thrilled to try out WW since everyone was talking about it, even though the geo floral isn’t my cup of tea. We tried it in FWCC, DH and kangaroo carry. Wrap job have to be perfect for this wrap, otherwise it will loose.
It’s a great summer wrap, so thin and airy.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I wanted beacause of my painful shoulder at the moment.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this wrap, even for just few days.

#lenastravelingcarriers #wovenwingsltc

Ana Buneta, Croatia

The great and wonderful Lena’s travelling carriers made it possible for us to try
Woven Wings Run Wild and Free
(67% egiptian cotton, 33% linen).
the wrap is beautiful, perfect for a team blue mother like me. It was really easy to wrap it and it was supportive for my toddler (18 months, 10 kg). It holds very good. We used it mainly in back carries and in long walks in the woods or near the sea and it was great. I’m happy we had a chance to try it and enjoyed it. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings

#lenastravellingcarriers i #wovenwingstester

Maja Mavrinac, Croatia

For the past few days I was lucky enough to test the Woven Wings Run Wild and Free in size 6. I fell in love with the design the moment I saw it and wraped my 9kg 9month old right away. The wrap is easy to tighten, glides nicelly but really holds in place once it’s knotted. My little one is very interested in everything so back carries were a must and I felt none of his weight in a simple rucksack carry. A trully amazing wrap!

#lenastravelingcarriers #wovenwingstester

Adrijana Lučev, Croatia

Run wild and free sz.6
Courtesy of Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)

I’m usually team soft and cushy, give me high merino and I’m happy, kind of girl so at first I was very sceptical about this wrap. It came to us after both Serbian and Croatian tour, meaning many little behinds were carried in it and there was no way it was not broken in, but to me it still seemed very stiff. And it is. And it’s not a problem at all. It’s thin enough to be mouldable and easy to handle. Grip and glide is perfectly balanced to allow precise tightening without slipping. And pockets make it perfectly comfortable on your shoulders even if it’s not cushy.
Strictly esteticaly its georgeous. Colour makes it perfect blue jeans wrap. I loved the back side too and Im usually not a fan of geo floral back sides.
And speaking about geo floral, why do I don’t have any?!?! I’m in love with that pattern.
Can we have some high merino geo florals pretty please (because I’m still that kind of girl)?

Nena Pavelić, Croatia

Thanks to @lenastravelingcarriers we had opportunity to try Woven Wings, Geo Floral Run Wild and Free in size 6. It’s 67% egiptian cotton and 33% linen.
I loooved the design, it’s so me and it was so hard to say goodbye to it!
You need to know working with the wrap to wrap it perfectly but once it’s properly tighten, it stays in place for hours.
It could be a great summer wrap because of the linen, it’s really thin and airy.
I still have emotional problems to put my (heavy) wrapee on back for longer walks so we mainly wraped fwcc and fcc but I tried dh also and was very satisfied with support.
My wrapee is 7 months old and over 9,5kg so great support is what I’m after and this wrap has it!
Hope I’ll get myself soon one of Geo Floral patterns and it will probably be my perma wrap 😁

Andrea Prenka, Croatia

We had a chance to try Woven Wings Run Wild and Free in size 6. Wrap is excellent but I wrap it only couple of times because our wrapping days are almost over. For this period I want/Don’t want/I can walk/I am tired this size is a bit too long, I would find more suitable if it was shorter like size 3 or 4. But regardless the size this wrap offers amazing wrapping expirience for small babies and toddlers as well. Warm recommendation.
#lenastravelingcarriers #wovenwingsltc

Katarina Andrejic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test Woven Wings Run Wild and Free
66% Egyptian cotton and 34 % linen
Size 6
The wrap is thin and comfortable. Design is beautiful both side. We tested it with a boy 5 year old and 17kg weight, and baby boy 7 months old and about 9kg weight. I didn’t feel their weight. Thank you #lenatravelingcarriers for allowing us to enjoy.

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We had the honor of testing Woven Wings Run Wild and free. I really like the geometric pattern and color scheme. My wrappies are almost 3 months (6,6kg) and almost 2 years (12kg). Wrap is thin and completely broken. It is easy to wrap and tie. The length is ideal for tandems but not too long. Strong and solid because of linen. It have some glide but knot doesn’t move. All in all a very good wrap. Thank for opportunity Lena’s traveling carriers and Woven Wings

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

I tested this wrap when my baby was 6 months old and 8kg and now one more time when he is 14months old and 11kg.
This wrap is now really broken and glides easily. It is very supportive and it is easy to work with it. This is just a little update to say that this wrap is amazing!

Darija Maho, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings, we had the honor to test Woven Wings Run Wild and Free wrap. The warp is beautiful, the geo patter really looks amazing. It has a great balance of grip and glide and holds perfectly. I was a bit surprised by it’s width. as it is more narrow than the other wraps I tried. Baby tester is18 months old and has 11kg. All in all, this is a great wrap.

#lenastravelingcarriers #wovenwingsltc

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