Mamaruga Podma Pistachios

Mamaruga Podma Pistachios

This carrier is suitable for use from birth up to 20 kg.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

We had the chance to host this wonderful carrier.

At the first sight very soft and yet strong enough to hold 14-months-old baby of about 10,5 kg.

We were carrying only in front because I still don’t have enough courage to put him on my back in this type (half buckle) carriers. For us this is the first carrier where you don’t buckle shoulder straps but tie the. I must say that it went just fine since it is our first time. This carrier is completely adjustable to baby, has nice colours and looks amazing.

I didn’t feel the weight of my baby on my shoulders, not even after some longer carrying. Thanks to LTC for this opportunity 💙 🙂😊😁

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović, Serbia

We tested Mamaruga Podma carrier with big pleasure. The first impression when it arrived was that it is amazingly soft and fluffy as a cloud. This waa the first time I met this type of carrier so I needed some time to tie everything properly. I really liked the possibility to carry it with or without the waistbelt. We tried both possibilities. With the waistbelt we had to shorten the panel by flipping it, but the little one didn’t like it. For me it was very comfortable and this flipping gave me sense of extra stability. Both of us liked carrying without the waistbelt more. I didn’t feel baby’s weight and he was very satisfied. Thanks to LTC and Mamaruga for this experience!

Anita Marković, Serbia

We tested Mamaruga Podma carrier thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps). My baby has 9 months, 8,4 kg and 66 cm.
First of all, this carrier is very soft and nice. Second impression was about size. It’s very big! Unfortunally, too big for my baby. I think that this a great carrier for babies from one year and up. I succeeded in setting it only once for this pictures, and I had to roll the belt, but it wasn’t comfortable for me because it folds. Also tried to carry like an onbu, but without success. I’m so sorry we didn’t get through and I would like to try this carrier once more in several months, to give it one more chance, because I liked the idea of 2 in1 carrier.
Thanks for this opportunity!
#mamarugatester #lenastravellingcarriers #ltctest

Nataša Bogićević, Serbia

Hello everyone! My 9 months old son (10+ kilos) and I were testers for Mamaruga Podma Pistachios half buckle carrier. It was a great pleasure for us to have a front carry with a belt. I felt very well secured during carrying and had a filling that the baby and me were like one but not squeezed. I am sorry because I still don’t practice back carry, but I believe that it is as much fun like front caring. This carrier is really spacious which makes it perfect to be the only what you need thru babywearing time. The bad thing is that straps are very long and it is not practical to set it outside when it is a wet weather (like in this days here-the snow was melting) or when you have a toddler who is often changing his mind to be carried or walk. I like a hook for hood fixation-it can be used for hanging a carrier. A hint to a producer – put two extra hooks on each strap, in order to easily lift them and keep a carrier neat and clean between two uses. Thank you all for opportunity!

Kristina Djurdjev, Serbia

We are so happy that we had the oportunity to try this amazing carrier! Little boy (19 months and 12+ kg) was really enjoying! Carrier is so big and comfy, and thanks to long and wide straps I didn’t feel his weight at all. We tried a front carry with the waist, and back carry with the waist too, but first carrying on the back didn’t pass the best because this is my first time to try carrier with the straps, and we had a jackets so it took a lot of time to put him on my back properly so I conclude that this carrier is not for us because we need something to quickly put on and run out. Second time was much better, we did it really quickly so we just need some practice 😊 We unfortunately didn’t try it without waist because tester didn’t want to cooperate 🤷Another tester was a little bigger girl (4 and a half yo, about 110cm and 20 kg) and she liked it so much, support was mostly knee to knee and I was verry surprised how actually big is Podma, and how good it took her weight. I would only like that the panel is adjustable, because little boy likes when his arms are out, we fix it with folding the waist but then support is not knee to knee. This is so interesting carrier, it totally fulfilled our expectacions and it was a great pleasure to wear my kiddos in Podma! Thank you

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

We had the pleasure to try this beauty, Mamaruga Podma! The testers were 9 months old baby boy with about 9kg and his older sister of 2.5 years and 14kg. The carrier is beautiful, very soft. The belt and wide strips are super-absorbing the weight of the baby. We tried all the ways of wearing it. We did not try to wear without a belt. The only small suggestion is that if the straps are not placed over the back of the baby, you have the feeling that the baby will slips out of the carrier. So it is necessary to tie everything together and “male” tie knot. This is a great carrier that I would like to own. 😀 Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #mamarugainserbia (#mamaruga) at this wonderful opportunity.

Milica Čičak, Serbia

Once again a big thank you to #Lenastravelingcarriersandwraps and Mamaruga! This wonderfull carrier is very soft and comfortable. It’s totally adjustable and it seems to me that it fits for all baby sizes, except newborns, maybe. We haven’t had many opportunities to try it, since we had fever most of the time while the carrier was in our home, but we tried it a couple of times and it was good. Maybe a bit too deep, but we were small at the time, 4 months old. Panel is deep and soft, belt soft, just as it should be, print amazing. 🙂 Thanks again!

Gudic Mirela, Croatia


I was pleased to test the Mamaruga Podma.
So, I am delighted with this version of the carrier and generally such hybrid carriers make me great for long-term carrier involving more children’s age.
I used this litter for my daughter who is 2 years old and has 11kg.
We were wearing the most on our backs.
Bands can be nice to allow knee support, but since the panel itself did not have the need to replace the straps.
They are comfortable with your shoulders and are not cut to size and have a great weight distribution.
The belt is movable, and I would have to say a lesser disadvantage.
I think it would be good if at some point I would have a panel connection, that there would not be any twisting and moving.
It is comfortable and is not rigid.
I would like to mention that I wore a carrying case and a babywearing hangout and that we tried to put a baby of 7 Month in it.

are comfortable with your shoulders and are not cut to size and have a large weight distribution.
The belt is movable and I have to say a lesser disadvantage.
I think it would be good if I had a panel connection at one time, that there would be no twisting and moving.
It’s comfortable and not rigid.
I would like to mention that I wore a carrying bag and a hangout for the baby and that we tried to put a baby for 7 months.
Unfortunately, the height and width of the carrier was a big for this baby.
Also, the area where the panel bracket was shortened remained not in place, the material
moved around.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of a child due to private data protection.
A more impression on this carrier
-soft and comfortable carrier
– Convenient to carry on the back, well holds the toddler
-quality fabric

All best recommendations for Mamaruga Podma, I’d love to have one ♡

Maja Ivankovic Polak, Croatia

I loved the look of this HB carrier, and the concept of HB, which is why I applied to test it in the first place. Sadly, the gods of baby wearing decided that it’s not in the stars for us. I have tried other HB carriers, but I simply couldn’t fit this one right. The belt wouldn’t stop flipping, the straps were too narrow and too long, the front panel simply too long. I don’t think this is a carrier for all ages, perhaps for toddlers. To me, the greatest benefit of a carrier is that it should be fitted more easily than a wrap and this one was even more complex and as my baby didn’t have patience while the carrier was with us, we failed to wear it at all 🙄

Sara Dabic, Croatia

#mamarugaincroatia #lenastravelingcarriers We had the chance to test this HB carrier, but unfortunately it was not a good choice for us. The front panel is too long and I wasn`t able to put my girl inside in a way she would enjoy it. I tried to shorten the panel, but then the belt kept flipping and it wasn`t comfortable for neither one of us. Colours are really nice and material is very soft.

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

#mamarugaincroatia #lenastravelingcarriers
So, another mamaruga also found its way to us thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps). This carryer isnt the first choice i would make, theese are not my colors and honestly not my stile, but i had to chance to try it anyway on its way home. Beside colors, this carryer is really really comfortable and soft. I tryed it with a baby wich has 8 months and 7 kg and with a toddler, 2 years and almost 13 kg. To me, it was better to carry a toddler, with a baby i had a little bit of extra material everywhere 😅
Great carrier 🤭

Selma Hamidović Kujučev, Serbia

Mamaruga came to us, just in time. Tester 9 months old around 8 kg. On a first sight beautifull carrier, soft, way to soft…so we clicked right away. Color was charming. We get in touch with half bucket carrier for the first time but there were no problems with mount or attaching it, it is quite easy and thats what i liked. Tnx #mamaruga and tnx #lenastravelingcarriers

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

Thank’s Mamaruga for a chance to test Podma🌼🌻🌹
Podma was our first hybrid carrier.
Very interesting but very complicate from my point of view.
Personally I’m more full buckle type.
Wraps are not my thing.I liked material and the colors.Zensling is better choice for me.You can see the photo….my toddler wasn’t pleased with wrapping….😇

Sandra Kotevska, Serbia

I’ve used your baby carrier for the first time and both the baby and myself are thrilled with it. The baby is very quiet and peaceful in it and he even almost always falls asleep in the carrier. It is a little bit tricky to set the carrier up and to keep the baby still, but eventually I managed to handle it better. Design is fantastic and quality is on a high level, you simply don’t feel the baby’s weight and I would recommend your carrier to everyone.

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