Everyslings Calm Trail

EverySlings Calm Trail

Size 5

40% linen, 60% cotton


Ana Frank Krstic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we got chance to get to know Everyslings brand. Since I haven’t tried anything, this wrap was extremely pleasant surprise. I am fan of linen and cotton wraps, so this was great experience. After washung, ironing and breaking it, wrap was very soft and moldable ,while linen side was supportive and strong. It pleats nicely on shoulders so I really didn’t have problems with carrying my 1yo testee and her 9kgs . Balance between grip and glide is great. I also tried it with my older daughter, who is 7yo and has 23kgs and it held her pretty well. My personal preference is lighter wrap for summer but this blend makes it great choice for summer, too.

Vedrana Nedeljkov, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we got chance to try EverySlings Calm Trail wrap, size 5. At the moment of testing baby is 16 mounts old and about 12 kg weight. This is our first woven wrap. Since I don’t have much experience in wrapping, I tried only FWCC. I really liked the colors and the texture, but we didn’t test it for a longer walks because weather wasn’t on our side. I would like to try out more of EverySlings designs. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and EverySlings for this opportunity.

Luca Rac Szabo, Serbia

I`m amused with this beauty of EverySlings (Calm Trail wrap). It`s so soft and silky when you touch it that you will need to grab it and hug it immediately! First time when we tried it out with my son (13.5 months, nearly 12 kg), I was thinking that this material is not enough airy for summer, but I was wrong. It`s true that it`s not a thin wrap and people would think it`s going to be madly warm while wearing a baby in it, but it`s really the opposite. I was very satisfied! And it`s really super supportive and very easy to work with, nice knots, never slipping away. I would be happy to own this wrap and to never let it go! Thank you @EverySling and @LenasTrvelling Carriers for the opportunity, I`m really grateful till the end of time! 🙂 #lenastravelingcarriers

Marina Stojanovic, Serbia

This week we tested EverySlings Calm Trail wrap thanks to LPN. I love the color and the patern of the wrap, love how soft it was when l first touch it. I tried it with a baby(4 monts, 6,5kilos) and with a big brother (3 years and 12kilos),and the feeling was same. It is supportive for the smaler and for toddler. I hope that we will have more chance to try on more from EverySlings.

Katarina Ilic, Serbia

This wrap has a very interesting design. Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and Everyslings we tested it and enjoyed it. It’s not the best choice for summer, but for everything else it’s great! It’s great for a 4-month-old baby and a 3.5-year-old girl. There is no weight on the shoulders, and the knot is easy to connect. We enjoyed it, short but sweet.
#ltctester #everyslingstester

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