Lolly Wovens Autumn

Lolly Wovens Autumn

Size 5, 100% combed cotton


Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Lolly Wovens we had a opportunity to test this beautiful wrap.I’d like to say that I’m beginner in wraping.😊When I put my baby(13 mounts old,13+kg) in the wrap it wasn’t easy for me to make a knots.🙁 I like the wrap soo much that I didn’t wont to give up.So I take my older son(4 years old,16 kg),and put him in this wrap and it was beather so we enjoyed it.😁 It is a strong wrap,I think it’s need a little love and little braking.I belive that after all teat mom it will be a gorgeous wrap.Thamk you #lenastravelingcarriers and #ltctesting #lollywovens for opportunity to tray this beauty.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

We had a chance to test Lolly Wovens Hearbeat Autumn 100% combed cotton thanks toLenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)and Lolly Wovens.
Baby, 8 month old and 9kg. I’m beginner i wraping and tried only FWCC. Wrap is so soft and thin, but also strong. Also, wrap has beautiful colour. We enjoyed 🙂

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Lolly, my baby (6 months, 7kgs) and I had a great time together. Heart weave is nice but not it is not in my favourite colours definitely. At first I wasn’t impressed but after few times I liked it a lot. Although it is thick, it was easy to wrap it and it held my girl pretty well. Unlike Heron, we didn’t have problems with wrapping. It is soft but strong, a real winter wrap. All in all, I am glad we tried it and all thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

Lolly Wovens Heartbeat Autumn size 5 deserves one big WOW 😍. This wrap is very soft, but holds very strong. Gripe and glide relation is excellent. At the moment of testing baby is 8 months old and about 8 kg. With this wrap we tried our first back carry. Also we tried fwcc and kangaroo. This is great wrap and we are very thankful to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps and Lolly Wovens for opportunity to test it.

Ivana Ilic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps we have wonderful chance to test amazing Lolly Wovens Heartbeat autumn. The wrap is not as thin like I’m used to,and that’s why I fell in love whit it. It’s a strong, soft wrap and perfectly holds my 7,5 kg baby. Colors change depending on the light, so there is another plus. In one word WOW from us. I hope that one day we will have a chance to enjoy little longer in this wrap.

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

This wrap came to us at an inconvenient time, because a little testee fell into a wear crisis after testing a ring sling that he didn’t like. We wrapped a couple of times, but still he was displeased. The wrap is a soft and nice design. It keeps weight well and doesn’t feel on the shoulders. I love little hearts a lot. Because the wrap stays with us for a while, I hope that we will wear more in the coming days. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Lolly Wovens

Anamarija Jagodic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and Lolly Wovens we had opportunity to test this amazing wrap. My baby is 18months and 10kg. The wrap hold beautifully and it is easy to wrap. The design is also beautifull with small hearts. Wrap is strong but not to thick. It is perfect for front and back carries. Thank you for allowing us to expirience this amazing wrap.

Ana Stanković, Serbia

This is the first wrap that stays with us for a bit longer time and the reason i fell in love with wraps. The pattern and colours are amazing, it has some shine which is not easy to explain and it is definitely more beautiful than on photos. I use this soft wrap regularly for carryng my both boys (6 months old, 8,5 kg and 2 years old, 11,5 kg), it is my helper and I don’t go anywhere without it. 😂 We tried only fwcc for now, as we’re still relatively new in babywearing. Warning: it contains a lot of sleepy dust!!!😆😍 Thank you @Lenine putujuce nosiljke i and Lolly Wovens for this opportunity!

Natasa Despotović, Serbia

We had the oportunity that Lolly Wovens Heartbeat was a part of our family for several months. Now She is 18 months and 11.5 kg and when I carry her I feel no pain in my back or in shoulders. We are so familiar with this wrap that I think that I can put it with my eyes closed. And when she wants to be carried, she comes to it and touch it with a smile on her face 🙂 and that’s a sign that she wants more hugging and cuddling 🙂 Lolly has lot of hearts on it and it is more beautiful than you can see on picture, so we are sending lot of harts to anyone who rents it and to be prepared that they will have so much great time together.
Thank you Lenine putujuće nosiljke i marame and Lolly
for this great and beautiful experience with Lolly Wovens wrap.

Jahzy Jah, Serbia

Lolly heartbeat autumn is first 100% coton wrap I’ve tried. Also, a first size 5 wrap I’ve tried. I’m kinda used to thick wraps, and this one fits perfectly. Lately, my girl prefers ruck carry, so I am very pleased to say that heartbeat autumn is doing a great job carring a 12kg toddler in a single layer. Soft but strong, really supportive, this wrap is gorgeous. Oh, and the pattern… Those little hearts are adorable. Colour of the wrap is changing depending on the light, which makes this wrap even more beautiful. I am very thankful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers), @lollywovens, and Nina Bukvić for the opportunity to enjoy in this fabulous wrap.

Ivana Timotijevic, Serbia

I would like to primarily thank #lenastrsvelingcarriers #ltctesting #lollywovens for the opportunity to use WOVEN WRAP-LOLLY heartbeat autumn and for the help and advice on carrying it.The woven I use now WOVEN WRAP-LOLLY heartbeat autumn is great, the colors in the light change from green to pink and vice versa. It is very comfortable, soft and just right for my baby who weighs 4 pounds and 7kg. The baby is overjoyed.

Ivana Timotijevic, Serbia

#lenastravelingcarriers #lollywovens #lpn #checkin This woven marked our autumn and our lives with love.I am fascinated with Woven wrap lolly heartbeat autumn.Everyday we are using it for going outside and at evenings for putting to sleep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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