Donation of Freeloader carrier to school “Milan Petrovic” and little Jan

I am really emotional while I am writing as I had this idea and it finally came to realization.

I managed to find one company last year producing carrier for children with special needs and I reach out immediately to them to see if they are willing to drop a price a bit as we are charity project which was on our luck approved immediately. Thank you Freeloader.

Then we started gathering funds trough our group and BMW Club Serbia also has joined our couse.

Together we managed to gather to buy 2 carriers. One of mums in our group later will trasnfer them from USA to Serbia and save us from additional costs.

Jan, Croatia

First carrier we donate to little Jan from Croatia who has spina bifide but amazing spirit like his mother and they are having this amazing adventures which we wanted to upscale in a different level and let them have more movement freedom to reach some unexplored territories. Enjoy amazing kiddo as you are true inspiration for everyone and we love your smile and spirit.

School Milan Petrovic, Novi Sad

The second carrier we donate to School Milan Petrovic from Novi Sad. We agree with School that teachers will take this amazing kids to new adventures and also allow parents to rent when they needed. This has particularly special place in my heart as while back I was living in Novi Sad I had that honor to volunteer with this beautiful people in school and keep supporting them whenever I have chance to gather some donations.

I would love to thank you all who joined us and hope in future we will be able to buy more carriers and provide more adventures in more countries as I strongly bealive nothing is impossible if we do it together.

Thank you once more.

Ana Vuletic and whole amazing team from Lena’s traveling carriers

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