Manduca baby carrier

This carrier is suitable for carrying babies from 3 up to 20 kg.

Milica Jevđić, Serbia


Manduca is very quality and comfortable carrier. I was wearing a 9-months-old baby of 9 kilos and a girl of 15 kilos and we had really good time. I wore baby quite often and girl only occasionally. Of course it was much easier with baby and with better leg positioning than with my girl. I had to hold her legs in the correct position, panel wasn`t wide enough. I believe this carrier would be much more comfortable with leg extenders. The carrier has stuffed shoulder straps which suited me both parallel and crossed. I also wore my children on back and it was also comfortable. I haven`t tried carrying them on side. The only thing I didn`t like is the feeling of baby “falling” over the panel after longer wearing. This is probably caused by adjusting the carrier because we are breastfeeding while carrying so we readjust straps a lot. This carrier helped us a lot. Once we were at the market and were carrying 16 bags in hands, baby in the carrier and sister was holding belt, or while we were reading “Hello Kitty” to sister and putting baby brother to sleep at the same time or while we were helping dad to clean the yard. Nothing chafed us and nothing cut in. If we had wanted to, we could have gone to the Moon because Manduca was our great friend in every occasion. Thank you Ana.

Andjelija Kocic, Serbia


All the best for Manduca. I was hoping to carry a 2-months-old baby and a 21-months-old child, but I only used it for my older child of about 12 kilos and about 90 cm. The panel reached almost from knee to knee, there is maybe 1-2 cm missing. I didn`t feel my child`s weight while carrying him on back. When it comes to wearing my baby, I expected it would fit in these “pants” for babies, but I just couldn`t fit him in (baby was 5380 g and 57 cm). I wasn`t able to think of the way how to put in a baby. Right me if I`m wrong, but I think there should be size-it add to adjust the panel in order to use it for carrying smaller babies. We didn`t have this add-on, so it remains a mystery for me how to carry small baby in Manduca. What I liked is the possibility to enlarge the panel in height, stuffed shoulder straps, all straps that are easy to adjust and the belt that is firm enough but doesn`t chafe.

Zorica Makic, Serbia


It was the first time we used a carrier and we are very satisfied. The baby is 7 months old and weighs 8,5 kg. Both mum and dad enjoyed while carrying him. Manduca was able to put him to sleep eventhough he is quite an active baby. Thanks to this group for the chance to try this carrier. I need to mention that dad found it easier to carry since mum is a bit wider in waist, so it constricts her. We had the carrier in the right time. Our baby usually has a reaction to vaccine: agitation and horrible crying that can be stopped only by carrying. After one hour of carrying in Manduca and walking around, he was sleeping sound. Big thank you!

Ki Ka, Serbia

Ana Anastasijevic Vuletic Since my baby was born we used elastic wrap. First time that we tried manduca was when my baby was 3 months old and I wasn’t satisfied. But I think it was my nervouse and insecurement that made my baby also nervouse. We tried few more times but it was the same. After few monts we tried again when I was more secure I and we made it. We went for a walk, than she felt a sleep an it was so confortable that I didn’t even feel that I had a baby on my sholders. Since then we have used it every day to take my older child to the daycare. Manduca is great if you put it on right but in my opinion it is for babies that are more than 3 months old. When you have experience in wearing you can easily put it on right. Manduca realy saved us and helped us a lot.

Sanela Paunović, Serbia

As someone without experience in wearing but with strong wish to wear I was very good with Manduca. Before Manduca we had elastic wrap bought in Lidl but it wasnt good for us, I had feeling that I could drop my baby. When we first tried manduca it took us 3 minutes to go put it right and go for a walk. It is very comfortable. Your baby can not fall down because it has a kind of belt under the baby. After 10 minutes walking baby falls a sleep. It has a cap that you can put under your child’s had if it sleeps. It is easy to put on and to take of. I didn’t wear my baby on my back yet because I am insecure about that at the moment. Baby is 7 months old and 7,3 kilos weight. Thing that I like the most about Manduca is that his legs are free and he can move thaem when he wants and how he wants.

Sandra Rudić, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers), we used Manduca Baby size. Teodor was 4 months old at the time, and about 6 kg. We used it for a full 11 months and his 10 kg. All the time it was comfortable for both me and the baby. The panel grows with the baby, the straps are very soft and did not sway anywhere with the baby’s 10kg. It is great for beginners because it is not complicated to fit, and can be worn for a long time without thinking will be uncomfortable with a higher weight. I would recommend it to everyone, and thank you #LTC once again for this carrier in which we enjoyed walking, sleeping and playing.❤️

Ivana Ivanovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had opportunity to rent this amazing carrier. We have used it mostly during winter time and it was perfect for us. Material is bit thicker so I think that it is not so pleasant during summer time. At that time my baby had 10 kg. Everything is easy to adjust and I did not feel baby weight at all. Shoulder straps are bit narrow but still well padded and comfy. Great for long walks because gives fantastic support for both mommy and baby. I would recommend this awesome carrier. #lenastravelingcarriers

Tijana Petrović, Serbia

We have been using Manduca for about a month and a half now to both the baby’s and my delight! It arrived right after his first birthday when he weight somewhat less than 10kg whereas he weighs slightly over 10kg now. The carrier has fit perfectly since day 1. The panel reaches from one knee to the other and the legs and bum are still shaped ‘M’. He seems snug and comfortable and still falls asleep while being carried almost every time. I find the top buckles very useful and there is no loose space left due to inability to tighten the straps enough even when crossed at the back since I am only 163cm tall. He has enough room to move arms freely and the shoulders are not constricted. The material that goes over the baby’s back is light and it seems the baby’s body can “breathe” underneath. I find the carrier very comfortable! The belt and back support are great and I usually do not even feel him during shorter walks (app. 30min) whereas I stay comfortable even in longer walks and when carrying bags with groceries. Manduca has proved extremely useful for us for back carrying, although I still struggle to fit him in myself, I still need an extra pair of hands. My husband is much taller, 187cm and he also finds the carrier very comfortable and chooses to carry the baby more frequently than before. All in all, we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to rent Manduca.

Nosiljku Manduca korisrimo oko mesec i po dana na obostrano zadovoljstvo, bebino i moje! Stigla nam je tacno nakon prvog rodjendana kada je imao nesto manje od 10kg dok sad ima nesto vise. Od prvog dana nam odgovata savrseno. Panel za izmedju nogu pasuje tacno od kolena do kolena a nogice i guza i dalje prave oblik slova M. Deluje ususkano svaki put i kao da mu je bas udobno, i i dalje se gotovo uvek uspava u njoj. Ima dovoljno prostora da pomera ruke slobodno i ramena ne deluju ograniceno. Posebno su mi korisne gornje kopce jer ne ostaje slobodnog prostora kad se lepo zategnu i ne budu labave naramenice kad se ukrste na ledjima iako sam ja visoka samo 163cm. Pojas i potpora za ledja su odlicni i u kracim setnjama (30ak min) gotovo da ne osecam da ga nosim a udobne su i duza nosenja cak i sa dodarkom namirnica iz prodavnice. Nama je Manduca jako korisna za josanje na ledjima iako mi je jos tesko da ga sama namestim uvek mi treba jos jedan par ruku. Moj suprug je dosta vidi od mene, 187cm i njemu je nosiljka takodje jako udobna i sve cesce se odlucuje da nosi bebu. Sve u svemu jako smo zahvalni na prilici da dobijemo Manduku na koriscenje!


Aleksandra Ana, Serbia

Manduca is second carrier that we tried, the first one was Locolobo which wasn’t bad, but now after Manduca I can say that I felt in lowe with SSC . It is so soft and so comfortable that I didn’t feel 10 kg weiht of my baby even after long walks. It is probably becuse of it’s anatomic belt. First time I had it in my arms I thought it is to small for my baby, but then I realised that it has zips which makes it’s panel bigger. U can use it for the newborns and u can use it until your child is 20 kg weight. It has a newborn’s insert, Shoulder straps are good filled, and u can also cross them if u want. I tried once to carry baby on my back but I din’t make it so I wore my baby only in front of me. During first walk my baby slept in it which was impossible with ring slings that we used before manduca. It was very hard for me to say good bye to Manduca I am sure that I will rent it again.

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović, Serbia

During November 2018, whole our family enjoyed using Manduca carrier. U can adjust it fast and easy so me and my husband could wear our baby. I liked that it has narrow sholder straps. Our baby enjoyed it. He slept great in Manduca. When we used it he was about 4 months old and 6 kg weight. We used it in sunny and in cold days. My husband liked that the carrier is not big and that it has very comfortable belt. I would recommend Manduca to everyone.

Danijela Petrović, Serbia

Danijela Petrovic This is the first time we are using carrier and I am very satisfied. When I got the carrier I tried to wear my older child , and she liked that. She is 2 years old. Than I tried to wear baby , 7 months old and 8 kg weight, he liked this carrier too. He enjoyed wearing and looking around and after a while he fall a sleep. I dont know anything about other carriers but this one is great. Simple to use and comfortable for children which is very important for me. Thank you very much you are the best.

Dijana Jevremov, Serbia

Great, great,great! This is one of the best carriers we tried. We use more often for back wearing, and we both are very satisfied.😊 it is easy to put on, and to transfer sleepy Despot to bed😁
High 5👌 thank you #lenastravelingcarriers 😊💋

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