Manduca baby carrier

This carrier is suitable for carrying babies from 3 up to 20 kg.

Milica Jevđić, Serbia


Manduca is very quality and comfortable carrier. I was wearing a 9-months-old baby of 9 kilos and a girl of 15 kilos and we had really good time. I wore baby quite often and girl only occasionally. Of course it was much easier with baby and with better leg positioning than with my girl. I had to hold her legs in the correct position, panel wasn`t wide enough. I believe this carrier would be much more comfortable with leg extenders. The carrier has stuffed shoulder straps which suited me both parallel and crossed. I also wore my children on back and it was also comfortable. I haven`t tried carrying them on side. The only thing I didn`t like is the feeling of baby “falling” over the panel after longer wearing. This is probably caused by adjusting the carrier because we are breastfeeding while carrying so we readjust straps a lot. This carrier helped us a lot. Once we were at the market and were carrying 16 bags in hands, baby in the carrier and sister was holding belt, or while we were reading “Hello Kitty” to sister and putting baby brother to sleep at the same time or while we were helping dad to clean the yard. Nothing chafed us and nothing cut in. If we had wanted to, we could have gone to the Moon because Manduca was our great friend in every occasion. Thank you Ana.

Andjelija Kocic, Serbia


All the best for Manduca. I was hoping to carry a 2-months-old baby and a 21-months-old child, but I only used it for my older child of about 12 kilos and about 90 cm. The panel reached almost from knee to knee, there is maybe 1-2 cm missing. I didn`t feel my child`s weight while carrying him on back. When it comes to wearing my baby, I expected it would fit in these “pants” for babies, but I just couldn`t fit him in (baby was 5380 g and 57 cm). I wasn`t able to think of the way how to put in a baby. Right me if I`m wrong, but I think there should be size-it add to adjust the panel in order to use it for carrying smaller babies. We didn`t have this add-on, so it remains a mystery for me how to carry small baby in Manduca. What I liked is the possibility to enlarge the panel in height, stuffed shoulder straps, all straps that are easy to adjust and the belt that is firm enough but doesn`t chafe.

Zorica Makic, Serbia


It was the first time we used a carrier and we are very satisfied. The baby is 7 months old and weighs 8,5 kg. Both mum and dad enjoyed while carrying him. Manduca was able to put him to sleep eventhough he is quite an active baby. Thanks to this group for the chance to try this carrier. I need to mention that dad found it easier to carry since mum is a bit wider in waist, so it constricts her. We had the carrier in the right time. Our baby usually has a reaction to vaccine: agitation and horrible crying that can be stopped only by carrying. After one hour of carrying in Manduca and walking around, he was sleeping sound. Big thank you!

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