ROAR Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or

ROAR Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or
Material: 50% Egyptian combed cotton
40% Organic Pima cotton
10% metalized and environmental friendly rexor viscose

Svetlana Zivanovic, Serbia

My baby and I had opportunity to test ROAR Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or wrap. This was our first carrier this type. This wrap is very nice, perfect for some special occasions.
Maybe because I do not have experience, but this wrap for us was good only for front carry. I tried hip carry, which is my baby´s favorite, but this was not so easy to wrap it.
At all, this is very nice wrap, maybe better for colder days, any way everyone will ask you where did you get it. Thanks you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) for testing!

Milkica Marinkov, Serbia

My girl has 5.5 months, 6.5 kg and she is 66 cm long. The first thing that inspired me was the design and quality of the wrap itself. The feeling in your hand is incredible. The wrap is very easy to tide in more ways. At the same time, you have the feeling of strength and softness. A completely secure node that is not moving. We also enjoyed a long walk. I think that a little time that is need to tide it, is absolutely worth the pleasure. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) for the opportunity to try it!

Marija Todorovic, Serbia

We were testing ROAR Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or Wrap. This beautiful wrap looks amazing and feels so soft and cushy and is really easy to wrap. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) for this wonderful opportunity.

Julija Petrovic, Serbia

We’ tested this amazing wrap and all I can say is WOW. I’ve wanted to try a Roar wrap ever since I first discovered this brand. It is beautiful, elegant and strong. This design is for special occasions, I think. It is not an everyday wrap. I managed to tie it without much effort even though I’m not a very experienced wrapper. I loved it and I would certainly choose this brand over and over again. Thanks LPN and Roar for this occasion!

Markovic Zorana, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and ROAR, we had the opportunity to try this beautiful wrap for a few days. In the moment of testing, my daughter was 5 months old, 9kg and 67cm and she liked it immediately. The wrap has great texture, beautiful pattern, very elegant and easy to match with any outfit. It is very warm and soft, suitable more for colder days and firm enough for longer walks . The length of this wrap was just perfect for making the right and secure knot, and I could easily move with baby being safe and still comfortable. We loved it very much.

Marija Cikora, Serbia

We had opportunity to test this beauty thans to group Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and ROAR. At the moment of testing baby has 6 months, about 70 cm and less than 8 kg. First impression was that this is one special wrap different from any other we saw till now, that is wrap for some special occasions and best for colder days and winter. Wrap is in the same time so great, soft and comfortable, but also hard, hot and for us maybe too long ( i am not so tall and for me is size 4 and 5 ideal). I am very happy that we try something like this because this make our standards for wraps and warping on new level. We use only front caring but it was very comfortable and easy to wrap correctly. Whether was changeable and with a lots of rain in the time of testing so it was good to go in walks with this roar flowers and easy to escape rain shower. I would recommend this wrap, especial for taller persons and for some special occasions. Thanks one more time!

Jelena Krsmanovic Ardeljan, Serbia

We had opportunity to test this wrap thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps). My baby had one year and 10,5kg at the moment testing. This wrap is so elegant, so soft and WOW. But because I don’t have experience with back caring, I used it for only front and I needed some inch to wrap well. Thanks one more!!!

Tamara Stevanovic, Serbia

Baby soon 10 months and about 10 kg. This wrap has attracted me with design and appearance, it was love at first glance and I counted the days when it will arrive to us for the test. It fulfilled my expectations, soft, comfortable, perfect. The only problem is that it is fat and it was hot when we wear it for longer. We are not artificial with trying different ways of wearing, we were wearing a classic front and the length of the wrap was ok.
Thanks, beautiful experience!😍🥰

Sem Morbi, Serbia

I’ve found my soulmate wrap. The dark side of it is even more prettier than in pictures, shiny side is not so overstated as I thought it would be. The knot is easy to tide, it’s not slippery and it feels as a clould on your shoulders not a baby of 11kg. We made a hour long walk in robin’s hip carry and I didn’t feel her weight. As I said, this is my soulmate wrap and I know what I’m buying myself for next wedding anniversary.

Tamara Crevar, Serbia

Dear testers, the first impression od this lovely wrap was “this is so soft”, but ….! It has gold thread in it which scraches under the finger (but, I’m not fun of those details, so consider that when I speak about it 🙂 )
It is easy to wrap, we only tried back carries, but tiing a knot wasn’t easy, it was big, so knotless finishes were our choise.
Because of high gsm, I suggest this wrap in colder weather.
Thanks to Roar and Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps for giving me a chance to try this beautiful and the most elegant wrap I tried

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

This beautiful wrap came to us thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers 🥰
Its Roar conquelcitos bouquet d’or, size 5.
Thw wrap is really soft, and easy to handle it. Perfectly fits around the baby, it feels like a cloud, and also has a great glide. Baby on the picture is 8 months old and it has 8 kg, i didn’t feel that i have her with me ♥️
About the look, there is no neee to tell anything. It is one of the most prettyest wraps i had in my hands, it make you feel like you’re on top of the world even if you haevent sleept for a few years. Real magical beauty 🤭
Nice to have this wrap with us 🥰

Ana Buneta, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had a chance to try ROAR Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or. When it arrived, I was surprised how soft it is in hand. It was easy to wrap it and soft on the shoulders. I used it mostly in back carry with my 14 months old son and it was comfortable. unfortunately, since it was very hot we didn’t used this beauty as much as I would love to, only for evening walks. I loved it this short 5 days 🙂, it is beautiful, soft and cushy wrap. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy this wrap.
#lenastravelingcarriers #roar

Ines Veočić, Croatia

We had the opportunity to try this beautiful wrap thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)
I have tried a lot of roar wraps, and I am totally in love with every single one of it, but this was the first I tried that had an amount of glitter in it. It sparkles so beautifully on the Sun 😍 it’s definetly one of the prettiest wraps I had in my hands!
I carried my girl with 12kg, almost 2 years old and it was really easy to wrap and held perfectly!
We enjoyed this wrap very much ❣️

Anamarija Suknjov, Croatia

Hello from Croatia 🙂

We had a chance to test beautifull Roar coquelitious bouquet d*or (viscose). We tried it with several carrier style with my twins and a three year old son. With my three year old, gives nice support from knee to knee, but i am missing extra width for better support on his back. When wearing both my twins, gives nice support, holds everything in place. Very soft and moldable. I was worried that viscose will itch me alot or that wrap will slide down, but it holds nicely. In a ruck, in long walk, after some time, i felt little scratching and going loose, but when you see how beautifull it is, you forgive her everything. Looks amazing, it shines and i love it.

Can*t wait to see more beautifull design, and some more testing. Thank you

Stanka Babin, Croatia

We had the pleasure to test Roar conquelcitos bouquet d’or thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and ROAR. My baby was 1 year old and some over 9 kg at the time of testing. Wrap is very beautiful and elegant, with lovely pattern. It is warm and very soft. I wraped it easyl. Baby also loved it as it was very comfortable to wear and with sleepy dust all over it. We enjoyed wearing this beautiful wrap!

Katarina Vulic, Croatia

While my daughter was not happy in the wrap, my niece enjoyed it. So I had borrowed wrap and borrowed baby. 😂 Both sides of wrap are gorgeous. Wrap is great for toddlers but my little toddler likes to walk. Wrap is So soft and I didn’t feel weight of the baby. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and #ROAR for this experience.

Monika Milekić, Croatia

Hi 😍 well I had opportunity to test this stunning wrap. My baby is 10 months old and have 9 kg.
First when I opened the package I was amazed by the softness and than with the black color, gold leafs and dots that are on the wrap , red flowers well uhh they are just the cherry on top. 😍
My shoulders didn’t even felt her weight. I have very sensitive skin but I was not scratching at all due to metalized fiber’s. This wrap is so beautiful that (for sure) everyone will notice you. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and #Roar for this opportunity. ♥️

Iva Babić, Croatia

Wrap is beautiful extremely soft and comfortable (as for baby and also for me). We used it only in front FWCC carry because of the weather that was most practical for me. The best feedback comes from my daughter because she feel a sleep not long after I tied the wrap.

I like “right” side of the wrap, the “wrong” one us to shiny for me and the material I guess it will be really uncomfortable for summer directly on skin. Thank you for opportunity to try it out.

Anica Miličević, Croatia

Thanks to kindness of LPN admins I had oportunity to try this beautifull Roar in the middle of Corona pandemy.
It came to me washed and so soft and beautifull and it was love on the first touch.
My son loved it and he even let me do the fwcc after a long time. He is 10 months now and has 12 kg but I didn’t feel them at all.
I am so happy that I could use this amazing wrap ❤

Agata Harjač, Croatia

thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and roar i had a chance to try out Conquelcitos Bouquet d’or 5 size. It was my first encounter with a woven wrap and it was wamazing. The wrap design is elegant and just what every mom needs while wrapping up to feel put on. For me it was love at first wrapping. The son is 5 months and about 7 pounds and I haven’t felt it at all. With the sling and ssc I reached for the wrap more and we really enjoyed as a wrap and as a blanket. It’s great for a beginner like me and I don’t think you can go wrong buying a wrap as it can be worn from birth to the end of babywearing.
Only flaw is Ana Anastasijevic Vuletic who told me about wrap and make me to pass to other mom. Every mornig I was sad cuz I know that I must to send it to other mom and my odlest was crying when I was packing the wrap for other mom 🙂 ❤

Maja Hamzić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)and ROAR, I had the opportunity to try this beautiful wrap. In the moment of testing, my baby boy was 12 months old, 11kg. I allways wanted to try wrap with rexor. I like it very much. It’s very elegant. Has great texture, beautiful pattern, it’s dense and soft. It’s more winter worty . To thick for summer days. It holds well in back and front carries.

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