Elirile Blossfolk Perun

Elirile Blossfolk Perun, 100% cotton, size 5

Ana Vuletic, Finland

Simply WOW. I opened the box and unwrap it and it was already buttery soft. One of the softest wraps I have evered touched.

It is a size 5, but I would say really genouros in size as my base is 7 and I still could manage to wrap most of finishes.

I have tested wrap with my 2 daughters, 4.5year old and 18kg and 1.5kg and 10kg.

Have I mentioned how soft it is? It is really soft. So tighting it is a piece of cake and just a perfect wrap for beginners. It is one of those wraps who will make you love wrapping. It doesn’t require any breaking, not at Inch. It is thin in hands, so if you are fan as me of those type of wraps you will really love it.

Even that soft and thin in hand I was expecting that it will not hold that well higher weight, but I was wrong. With older and 18kg it required a bit more paying attention how to wrap it, but In layers it holds perfectly. Younger and 10kg it could be a sloppy wrapping and still I would not feel her weight.

I highly recommend this wrap for anybody but if you are begginer please learn on one of wraps from this collection as it you can’t get wrong and your wrapping/learning expirience will be amazing. You will not break a sweat while trying to tight it properly as it glides.

Megi Horak Orlić, Finland

I have tried Elirile Blossfolk Perun wrap thanks to Ana and I am in love how soft this wrap is. My wrapee is almost 1.5year old and around 10kg and it holds her perfectly. Even declared as 5 it is really generous in size as my base size is more close to 7,but I didn’t have any issues to tied it up in basic FWCC. Also I really love design. I highly recommend this wrap.

Antonio Orlic, Finland

Why I haven’t wrapped before and use it more often? I have issues with my back and this wrap perfectly distributed babies weight so I haven’t feel her at all. It is more healthy for me that regular carrier and now I am start thinking to practice it more often. It is really soft and easy to tied. Also I love design. My kid was ready to fell a sleep in this wrap.

Kristina Horak, Finland

Oh I love this wrap. Thank you Ana for opportunity to try it out. It is buttery soft, gentle and design is beautiful. It was so easy to tight it and it holds beautifully. The knot is a proper size not to big and I can untied it with one hand. It is perfect wrap for beginners and expirienced wrappers, once more thank you for opportunity.

Anna-Maria Ahrelma, Finland

This wrap is absolutely soft, thin and amazing to wrap ❤️ it almost wraps itself, it’s easy to handle and suits for beginners too. My baby in the picture is five months.

Sofia Bagge, Finland

First review for this buttery Soft thin easy to wrap but still toddler proof. I think its seddle down to my shoulders so easily while I didnt thightened up as perfect as it should. My boy totally loved it and crowled into the sling. 😍https://www.instagram.com/p/B9Jh6RlAhfo/?igshid=34at8zyd0dzc

Bojana Stanić, Serbia

Elirile Blossfolk Perun
size 5
100% cotton
I’ve tried several Elirile wraps, and I love them all. This one is soft, doesn’t need breaking and I think it covers all ages, from newborns to bigger toddlers. I even tried tandem carry with two Elirile wraps at the same time and I beleive I could carry my kids like this for an hour without a problem. This Perun wrap is very easy to use, and doesn’t move a bit. I tested it with my 18 month old boy who has over 10 kilos, and didn’t feel his weight on my shoulders. I love Elirile paterns and colors. I would recommend Elirile wraps for anyone. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the chance to test it.


Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we tested Elirile Blossfok Perun all cotton wrap and we loved it. It is soft and mouldable, and very easy to use. It holds very good and it was comfortable for longer walks. Baby is 15 months old and around 10.5 kg weight. Thanks again for this lovely opportunity!

Jelena Jovanović, Serbia

Elirile Blossfolk Perun size 5, 100% cotton.
We had a pleasure thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Elirile to test this beautiful wrap. This one is one of the amazing wraps that you might not even like when you look at it, which to be honest was my case, but the exact moment you touch it, you know this one is made with love to ease your wrapping job. And improve your wrapping skills. And that’s exactly what I highly recommend, this one is perfect for beginners. Its soft and easy to work with, glidey enough even in hand but stays in place once you make a knot,I really enjoyed working with it. My baby is 10months old and about 8 kilos, and first time I didn’t do a nice job tighting it,so I really felt baby’s weight on my shoulders,but every next time it was a pleasure. That’s one of the reasons why its perfect for beginners,doesn’t let you do a sloppy job. Thank you once again for this opportunity, and making an amazing wraps!


Leja Stoijkovic Mitrović, Serbia

Elirile perun is perfect wrap for begginers, very soft and easy for use. Baby tester is one and a half month old and 4.5kg weight. The color is neutral and easy for matching with the rest of the outfit. We were testing it in warm septembar, it was a little bit hot, but still comfortable. I am very thankful to Lena’s traveling carriers for the opportunity to try this carrier #lenastravelingcarriers #elirileLTC

Marija Toković, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we tested Elirile Blossfok Perun all cotton wrap, size 5. It was our first wrap and we love it It is soft and very easy to use for our first try. Baby is 4 months old and around 7 kg weight and I did not feel her. Thanks again for this opportunity, now I want to try more wraps!

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