Boba elastic wrap

Boba elastic wrap

Material: 95% French Terry cotton with a touch of Spandex to retain its shape

Olivera Popovic-Jakubov, Serbia

Very easy to use, especially cause you can just wrap it around you and pop the baby in without any extra fuss. Found it very helpful for my little one, as he wiggles a lot and he’s rather impatient 😂
also, pretty comfy especially for the area behind the knees, as some babies (including mine) get irritated if the fabric doesn’t suit them. supports both your and your baby’s back, at least for the lower weight . my bun is 6 kg now and I’m not sure whether the wrap will provide the appropriate support once he gets heavier. needs to be tightly tied for a baby to stay in the chin-high position.
Very handy for the newborns as well.

flaws: it’s thick and more convenient for the cooler weather or in places with an AC during summer, cause both you and your baby will sweat in it A LOT
Even though I watched god knows how many youtube tutorials on how to breastfeed in a stretchy wrap, I found it impossible with my mr Wiggles, too much hassle 😊
happy babywearing!

Sandra Blagojevic, Serbia

Hello! 🙂 considering that for the first time we are wearing this elastic wrap ,any wrap actually   it was a great choice and experience because it is light, soft and wide, since the baby is already long. The material is beautifull,and as much as baby wiggles its great for the legs and hands,and it’s comfortable . In our case,the baby is not used to be in that position looking towards me so he had a litlle problem to adjust.also the baby sweats a lot and in some cases it was to hot for him. The most difficult stuff actualy for me was the fact that my breast are too big and every way of wraping was a torture= is that good enaugh,it s too tigh then it s not,os it o low than it s not //  anyway,its a pleasure we had a chance to try this for the first time and someting else maybe fits us even better ,cant wait to try


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